Beginner 101 – What You Shouldn’t Do When Applying Foundation?

beginner 101

Hello lovelies!

Here are some foundation don’ts that you need to bear in mind when applying foundation:

  •     Don’t  over exfoliate your skin before applying foundation because that will dry up your skin and make the foundation look flaky
  •     Don’t apply a thick layer in the first go because that way you won’t be able to adjust the coverage later
  •     Don’t test the color on your arms or hands because it might mislead you to get the wrong shade of foundation
  •     Don’t put foundation if you haven’t freshly washed your face because that would:
    A)- Clog your pores
    B)- Make your face look dirty
  •     Don’t put on lighter or darker foundation because lighter foundation will turn your face grey and darker will turn it orange
  •     Don’t try to cover everything with foundation  because there is a reason why they have developed concealers, powders and corrector
  •     Don’t try to cover your blemishes by packing on foundation because that would accentuate the blemish instead of hiding it
  •      Don’t apply foundation with a dirty sponge because it will aid bacterial growth causing cystic breakouts
  •     Don’t powder too much after applying a thick coverage foundation because that will make your face look cakey
  •     Don’t rub it too much because that will highlight your pores and make dry skin look really flaky
  •     Don’t use oil based foundations if you already have oily skin
  •     Don’t mix day creams or night creams in your foundation because some ingredients cannot exist together
  •     Don’t apply foundation directly onto your skin because some foundations have ingredients that can harm your skin if they touch your skin directly
  •     Don’t use SPF based foundations if you have to go for flash photography

That’s about it! Onto some do’s  now…

beginner 101


By : Natural Health News


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