Beginner 101 – Some Foundation Must Do’s!

beginner 101

Hello lovelies!

Here are some tips that you need to bear in mind when you are applying foundation. These are the things you must do before or during foundation application:

  •     Always cleanse, tone, moisturize and prime your skin before applying foundation
  •     Apply moisturizer according to your skin need for example; if you have oily skin, apply gel based moisturizer and if you have dry skin, apply oil based moisturizer
  •     Mix one to two drops of beauty oil in your foundation if you have really dry skin
  •     Mix non-comedogenic oils if you have sensitive and acne prone skin
  •     Correct your dark circles or pigmentation before applying foundation
  •     To increase longevity of your foundation, apply a thin layer of powder underneath
  •     Apply concealers and correctors wherever required
  •     For dew coverage use a damp sponge
  •     For achieving natural coverage with a bit of coverage use a stippling brush
  •     For medium to full coverage use a buffing brush with dense head but not tightly packed bristles
  •     For full coverage foundation, use a thick and densely packed brush with no space between the bristles
  •     Let the foundation sit for a while before applying blush or highlighter on top to avoid caking
  •     Spray a bit of fixing spray on your favorite brush before applying foundation to make the application easier and much more smooth
  •     Mix two different colors to get the shade matched to your actual skin tone
  •     Mix two different formulas to create the consistency of your own choice
  •     Correct your flaws before applying foundation and then lightly powder on top
  •     Mix a bit of liquid highlighter in a matte foundation to make it look dewy

That’s it! These are the things that a beginner needs to keep in mind before putting on foundation!

beginner 101


By : Natural Health News


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