1500 Calorie Meal Plan

The 1500 Calorie Meal Plan has been designed for women to maintain their weight and for men to lose weight if they have a sedentary lifestyle and are not involved in any activities as such.

For reference here is a chart of recommended daily calorie intake for both men and women with varying activities:

Calorie intake usually varies with age, gender, and activity levels because calories are principally a measure of how much energy a food/drink that you consume contains. This energy that is available in each food determines your daily intake levels because if you are consuming a lot of energy you are going to need more energy to balance it out and in order to lose weight you need to spend more energy than you consume.

If, for example, you consume more energy (or calories) than you spend then to balance it out, and in order to create a calorie deficit you need to work out to consume some of the extra energy that would eventually store as fats in your body. 1500 calorie meal plan is ideal for those men who want to lose weight if they are living a sedentary lifestyle and for women to maintain their weight if they are not working out and are 5 5” in height or more because this is considered healthy calorie intake below which would cause other nutritional deficiencies.

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