Make Up

Warning: This section is loaded with so much attention-grabbing content therefore, browse at your own risk. You might just get addicted to so many of the Makeup products analysis you don’t even need in your life. Our beauty expert says “I warn all you beauties out there to browse at your own risk because I, once had only one lipstick, one blush, and a random foundation and now I own a collection that contains 80% of the products I just don’t need and it happened because I, too, followed blogs, Vlogs and beauty channels YouTube. Since then there was no turning back, it’s only going forward towards a destination that is just not showing on any map in the world. It has turned into an obsession that needs to be treated and there exists no treatment other than retail therapy. To treat this obsession, I need to treat myself with some new products every now and then.” So we really hope by this time you are pretty much warned and are going ahead at your own risk. Well, this was all said in a lighter tone so don’t take it seriously and enjoy this section as much as you can. It is further sub-divided into the following categories which will be covered for reviews: Eyes Face Lips Each category has been composed individually so that you can browse the category of your concern without getting lost in the entire network. We are working on making a subscription offer available to you, till then, bookmark this page to not miss a thing about your favorite brand. Enjoy! Xoxo

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