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Smallpox Symptoms, Causes, Complications, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Smallpox ?

It is an infectious and disfiguring disease. The disease has a long history of existence. The disease had turned fatal for many of its patients. Its natural occurrence was eliminated by the year 1980, around the globe.

In case of the outbreak, individuals who have the infection would be isolated, in order to control its spread. An otherwise healthy individual who had direct contact with an infected person must receive its vaccination. This can reduce the intensity or prevent smallpox.

There is no treatment for the disease, and unfortunately, it is incurable. Its vaccination can help you prevent against smallpox, though, the vaccine tend to has great side effects.

What Are The Symptoms Of Smallpox ?

Often, the initial signs appear after 10-14 days of being infected. Few common symptoms of smallpox include:

  • Intense back pain.
  • Severe fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Overall discomfort.
  • Fever.
  • Vomiting (may or may not be).

After the emergence of initial symptoms, red, flat spots develop on the forearms, hands, trunk and face. Within 2-3 days, most of these become tiny pus-filled blisters. After 8-9 days, formations of scabs take place, and finally these fall off. These blisters leave pitted, deep scars. In addition to the symptoms of smallpox, lesions also form in the patient’s mucous membranes (mouth and nose).These lesions later become sores, which break open.

What Causes Of Smallpox ?

Variola virus is responsible for triggering smallpox. Clearly, the virus spreads by the following means:

  • Face to face contact of an infected person to a healthy person, can cause direct transmission. In addition, variola virus spreads by means of droplets in the air, which escape while the infected individual talks, sneezes or cough.
  • It also transmits by means of contact with infected bedding and clothing.
  • Rarely, airborne virus tends to transmit by means of ventilation system.
  • Intentional release of the virus can spread small pox rapidly. It is a remote threat which terrorists may use as a weapon.

What Are The Complications Of Smallpox ?

Majority individuals manage to survive the disease. Though for some, it turns out to be a fatal disease. Patients who recover, develops severe scars, particularly on their legs, arms and face. Besides, the disease can lead to blindness, in few patients.

How Is Smallpox Diagnosis ?

When the disease was widespread, a professional clinician used to diagnose it merely by conducting a thorough examination of the patient and observing the rash.

How Is Smallpox Treatment ?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the infection. Its treatment aims to ease signs and prevent dehydration. In case the patient has also contracted a bacterial infection on his skin or in the lungs, then the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

How Is Smallpox Preventable ?

As mentioned earlier, the disease has been wiped out by the worldwide vaccine campaigns. As it does not occur naturally anymore, thus its vaccination was paused.


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