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Milia Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis

What Is Milia ?

It is a skin condition marked by small, white bumps. Milia are common in newborn babies, though, anyone regardless of his or her age can develop it. Generally, the bumps emerge across the cheeks, chin and nose of the newborn baby. Milia is not a serious condition and do not indicate towards a serious underlying condition.

Clearly, it is unpreventable, though; it is mostly short-lived and resolves within some weeks, without needing any medical aid. Pursuing no treatment for milia is rather, a wiser option.

What Are The Symptoms Of Milia ?

White bumps associated with the skin condition commonly occur on the cheeks, chin and nose of a baby. However, they can also emerge on the limbs and upper trunk. Few babies also tend to develop acne, commonly known as baby acne. It is marked by tiny, red pustules and bumps that occur on the forehead, chin and cheeks.

When Is The Right Time To Seek Medical Aid ?

In case the condition does not resolve within 2-3 months, or you are worried about the complexion of your baby, then it is advice to seek guidance from your doctor.

What Causes Milia ?

Milia are known to occur when small flakes of skin get blocked in tiny pockets close to the skin’s surface.

Do Milia Lead To Any Complication ?

No, the skin condition is not harmful and leads no complications.

How Are Milia Diagnosis ?

There are no particular tests and procedures needed to detect milia. The skin condition, being common is easily diagnosed by physical examination of the affected skin.

How Are Milia Treatment ?

As mentioned earlier, milia do not signal towards a serious underlying condition, and is rather safe. Therefore, no medical aid is needed to treat the skin condition. Typically, they resolve within the first three months of birth, on their own. For the skin condition, ‘wait-and-watch’ approach is advice.

Below are few tips that can help you keep the baby’s skin fresh and healthy:

  • The baby’s face should be washed daily, for at least once in a day. Simply use lukewarm water for the purpose. In case his or her skin looks oily, particularly near the nose area, then a mild baby soap can be used. Ask your doctor to suggest a suitable one according to your baby’s skin.
  • After washing, or giving bath to your baby, gently pat dry his face and body, using a soft towel.
  • Do not pinch the bumps, and avoid touching them more often.
  • Avoid using any types of creams, oil or lotions.

What Are The Milia Preventable ?

Unfortunately, no! There is nothing much you can do to prevent the skin condition. Give bath to your baby or wash his or her face using warm water and gently pat it dry. Apply the wait-and-watch approach for the clearer days to come!

What Is The Prognosis Of Milia ?

The prognosis of milia is good. The condition does not lead to any complication and resolves on its own within three months after birth.


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