Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fevers

What Is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever ?

The Rocky Mountain spotted fever is one of the bacterial infections which spread through nerve.  The Rocky Mountain spotted fever possibly will cause some severe injury to internal organs, for example your heart and kidneys, if it is not treated quickly.

However, Rocky Mountain spotted fever was isolated from the Rocky Mountains; this fever is actually most found in the United States south-eastern side. The Rocky Mountain spotted fever found in some areas of Central America, South America, Canada, and Mexico as well.
Quick symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever contain high fever and serious headache. However after few days, usually a rash appears on your ankle and wrist. Quick treatment with antibiotics is the ultimate way to get rid of it.

What Are The Symptoms Of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fevers ?

However, within the first week, majority become sick after infection. Possibly, symptoms will not appear for more than 14 days. Symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever frequently are common:

  • Chills.
  • Serious headache.
  • Pain in muscle.
  • High fever.
  • Vomiting and Nausea.
  • Sleeplessness and Restlessness.

What Are The Causes Of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fevers ?

You might get the infection if the tick touches your skin and if it feeds your blood for six to 10 hours. However, you might not feel either the tick is present or not.

This fever mostly happens when the ticks are extremely active and during warm climate when everyone looking to spend more time out. However this can’t be spread from one person to another.

Risk factors:

Following are the factors possibly which will raise your risk of suffering from Rocky Mountain spotted fever:

  • If you live in that particular area where this virus is common.
  • The weather is also important factor; infections are extremely common in the early summer and spring.
  • The time you expend in wooded or grassy areas is also important.
  • If you have a dog or not and you spend you time with dogs.

However you are able to decrease your infection risk by taking the steps to stop revelation to ticks.

How Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Is Diagnosis ?

It is not easy to diagnose the Rocky Mountain spotted fever because the early symptoms resemble to those affected by various other diseases.

Laboratory Tests are done to check the sample of blood, the tick itself or rash specimen for sign of the organism becomes the reason of infection. Therefore, timely treatment with the help of antibiotics is extremely vital. Doctors do not wait for the test results before starting treatment if they doubt that the person is suffering from Rocky Mountain fever.

How Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Is Treatment ?

Those People who suffer from Rocky Mountain spotted fever are liable to ignore problems if treated within 5 days of developing signs. That is the main reason why doctor will start antibiotic before receiving results of physical tests.

However, an extremely effective treatment for Rocky Mountain spotted fever is Doxycycline, but for pregnant women it isn’t a good option.

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