Peanut Allergy Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Peanut Allergy ?

It tends to be a common allergic reaction in children that occurs soon after consuming peanuts. Signs of peanut allergy range from a slight irritation to a serious allergic reaction, commonly known as anaphylaxis. Few individuals are so allergic to peanuts that even little amounts trigger a serious reaction to them. It is advice to consult your doctor, in case your child or you have had develop symptoms after eating peanuts. Peanut allergy tends to be among the top most reasons of serious allergy attacks, therefore do not ignore the minor reactions caused by the allergy, and seek medical aid immediately.

What Are The Symptoms Of Peanut Allergy ?

An individual with peanut allergy can develop symptoms soon after the exposure, within minutes! Few general symptoms of peanut allergy include:

What Causes Peanut Allergy ?

Basically, it arises when the immune system of a body wrongly detects proteins in the peanut as dangerous. The immune system tends to release chemicals into the bloodstream, in case of being contacted with the allergen, either directly or indirectly. This serves in the development of symptoms. Though, why few individuals get allergic and not others, is yet need to be answered.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Peanut Allergy ?

A number of factors are identified for increasing the risks of peanut allergy, these are:

What Are The Complications Of Peanut Allergy ?

Individuals who develop a serious reaction to peanuts tends to be at an increased risk of anaphylaxis. The medical terms is marked by an intense allergic reaction that needs immediate medical aid.

How Is Peanut Allergy Diagnosis ?

Following can help determine what is causing the symptoms:

Besides, ‘elimination diet’ can also help the doctor clear his doubts wherein the doctor will ask the patient to avoid eating peanuts, or the food items that contain peanuts. After a week or so, the doctor will ask the patient to continue its usage. This will help him determine what food item is rooting the symptoms.

How Is Peanut Allergy Treatment ?

Avoid eating peanuts, is the mere way to prevent the reaction. Though, despite the prevention, one may accidentally come in contact with peanuts. Therefore, for mild reactions, the doctor can prescribe antihistamines. Though for anaphylaxis, an immediate trip to the hospital is necessary!

By : Natural Health News

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