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Origins Calm To Your Senses™ Mask

Brand Name: ORIGINS

Purpose: Relieves stress, calms, hydrates and soothes skin

Overall Rating:5/5

Packaging Highlights

  •     Comes in a beautiful deep purple (lavender like)shade
  •     Lovely tube that looks very soothing to the eyes


  •     Very soothing
  •     Makes skin super soft
  •     Hydrates and replenishes skin
  •     Does not clog pores or cause breakouts
  •     Can be used as an overnight mask
  •     Melts into the skin and doesn’t show like other masks do
  •     Actually calms down the senses and promotes sleep

What I don’t like about ORIGINS CALM TO YOUR SENSES™ MASK?

I absolutely love this soothing mask.

Senses™ Mask


I never thought or imagined that a mask could put me to sleep, ACTUALLY! When I ordered this mask I was having sleep issues and was having really tough time falling asleep. I was randomly searching the internet for compulsive buying: D and I ended up on Origins website. I came across this mask, checked reviews on Google, saw a lot of people raving about the health benefits of lavender and this had lavender in it so, I thought of giving it a try and to be honest it was worth it. IT WAS TOTALLY WOTH IT. That night when I put it on (mixed with the charcoal mask), I am not lying, no exaggeration whatsoever, but I fell asleep in 10 minutes. No jokes and not even paid to write this. I was shocked to see such amazing results. I was a little scared that it is more on the creamy side so it might just break me out, to avoid that, on the very first day I washed it out after 10 minutesand it made my skin unbelievably soft. Then I mixed it in charcoal mask just to be sure that I don’t get breakouts and I could enjoy the amazing benefits too. I applied the mixture, came on my bed to watch a show so that it could take its time to dry and OMG within 10 minutes I fell asleep and woke up the next morning.

I highly recommend this product to everybody who wants to enjoy some great lavender benefits and want to have beautiful, soft & supple skin.

Suggested Usage:

  •     Layer it all over your face like
  •     Massage it gently
  •     Leave it overnight
  •     If you have acne prone skin then mix it in Origins Charcoal mask and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes

What is it made of?

Main ingredient: Lavender


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