Baby Acne Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Baby Acne ?

Baby acne, as the name suggests is a condition that develops on the skin of a newborn baby. It appears anywhere on the newborn’s face, though, more often, baby acne emerge on the forehead, nose and cheeks. Clearly, the skin condition is common, though, it is short-lived. Like the case with milia, baby acne is impossible to prevent, whereas to treat it, it is wiser to leave it on its own.

What Are The Symptoms Of Baby Acne ?

Baby acne is marked by tiny red color pustules or bumps that often appear on the forehead, nose and cheeks of the newborn baby. Usually, it occurs within the first month of birth. Indeed, the condition may seem worse while the baby cries. At times, babies also develop bumps that emerge across their cheeks, chin and nose, a skin condition known as milia. Likewise, milia is not a serious condition and do not indicate towards a serious underlying condition.

When Is The Right Time To Seek Medical Aid ?

In case the skin condition persists for more than 3 months, or you are greatly concerned regarding the complexion of your baby, then it is advice to call up for an appointment with your baby doctor.

What Causes Baby Acne ?

The precise cause of baby acne is yet to be known.

How is baby acne diagnosed?

Typically, the skin condition is detected on the basis of visual inspection. No particular tests are required.

How Is Baby Acne Treatment ?

As mentioned earlier, baby acne do not signal towards a serious underlying condition, and is rather safe. Therefore, no medical aid is needed to treat the skin condition. Typically, they resolve within the first three months of birth, on their own. It is better to follow the ‘wait-and-watch’ approach. Rarely, baby acne persists for month. In such a case, ask your doctor to prepare a suitable treatment plan. Do not experiment ‘over-the-counter’ creams on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Home remedies:

Below are few tips that can help you keep the baby’s skin fresh and healthy:

How Is Baby Acne Preventable ?

Unfortunately, no! There is nothing much you can do to prevent the skin condition. Give bath to your baby or wash his or her face using warm water and gently pat it dry. Apply the wait-and-watch approach for the clearer days to come!

What Is The Prognosis Of Baby Acne ?

The prognosis of baby acne is good. The condition does not lead to any complication and resolves on its own within three months after birth.

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