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Achieve Clear Skin In 15 Days

No, this is not a marketing gimmick for promoting a ton of products that worsen your already worse skin.This is my personal skin care regimen that I followed to get rid of my horrible, pimple prone problem skin that was full of cystic breakouts. Consider this a secret that I am sharing with you all to achieve clear skin in only 15 days.

Disclaimer: In case you don’t achieve desired results please do not blame me as everyone has a different skin type, texture and the way it reacts to certain ingredients. What suits my problem skin does not necessarily mean that it would suit yours too.

You can definitely achieve clear skin in 15 days if you strictly follow the same regimen I followed which included altering my diet, skin & beauty products, cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.Here are some of the strict actions I took to get rid of cystic breakouts and the marks that these breakouts left behind as their horrible memory.


I drank plenty of water (approx. 9 glasses per day) and green tea to keep my hormonal balance in control. Initially, it caused massive breakout as a detox symptom but later it helped a lot in calming down my active acne.


Drink a lot of fresh fruit and green smoothies. I consumed two glasses of fresh green smoothie every day and that too lead to horrible breakout as a detox symptom. Consider green smoothie a healthy skin food that can easily replace your regular meal.


I stopped using full face foundation and switched to only concealer that too if I had to go out on an urgent basis. I preferred staying at home in the first week especially because my skin was so horrible that I could not even face the world at that time. I started my skin care routine during my holidays from work.


I started using Beesline Whitening Soap with ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System as part of my cleansing and scrubbing routine. For moisturizer I used Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.



I started applying my home made mask (TRY THIS HERBAL MASK AT HOME TO GET RID OF ACNE!) regularly for 15 days which helped calm inflammation, active acne and prevented new acne from forming.


I spot treated my stubborn pimples with Acretin (Tretinoin 0.25%) which helped the pimples to form head and pull the gunk out sooner than they otherwise do when left untreated.


I used TONY MOLY AC CONTROL WHITENING AFTER SPOT TREATMENT on leftover acne marks to get rid of the pigmentation that is usually a result of pimple healing.


For the first 15 days I applied Hi tone Whitening Cream regularly each night to even out my complexion. This made a huge difference to my skin but you should not use this cream every day on long term basis. After 15 days I started using it on alternate days and then after every 2 days.


For work I started using Bourjois – 123 Perfect Cc Cream
instead of my regular foundation.

I have pretty clear skin now and it’s been 2 months I am hardly seeing any pimples on my face. Hope this helps you as well and if it does don’t forget to leave a comment below.

By : Natural Health News

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