Fatty Liver Diet plan and how does it works?

Fatty liver is a disease that is caused by the increase in fat in liver cells and due to this fat it causes pain in liver or abdominal area. People who have fatty liver have slow metabolic rate. If you have less fat in your liver than it is normal but if you have more than 10% than you have a liver disease. Decrease the sugar quantity in your diet. Carbohydrate foods are sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes, and breakfast’scereals. Crisp, fried chips, crackers and cookies which have too much fats. Your bowls and liver need nutrients to maintain your health. Eat vegetables because the pigment which is present in vegetables are antioxidants and give you benefits. Many people want to lose their weight but fail because they have no knowledge about that what food should be good for weight loss. Eat those Food which is rich in protein like poultry, red meat and fish. People should eat healthy fatty liver diet which consist of plants like fruits and vegetables. Saturated fats food should be reduce. Select those foods which are less in unsaturated fat. Exercise is also a part of your life. You should be regular for exercise. Healthy Diet Plans is not only requirement but you should also make regular exercise for get better results for your health. Chicken and eggs is the good way to get protein for fatty liver diet. Dark meat like beef or pork have high fat as compared than fish and chicken, skin part of chicken should be removed because it is rich in cholesterol. Green vegetables should be a daily part of your meal. Because it contain folic acid which is necessary for your liver. Carrots, tomatoes, and beets are the best for liver because it is rich in glutathione which protects the liver.

Daily menu meal plan for fatty liver diet


Eat whole grain bread, skim milk, oats, banana, juices. You can also eat plain yogurt and u can also drink coffee.


Try to avoid cheese or corned beef. Don’t add sandwich in your lunch if you eat in breakfast. Add vegetables soup and salads in lunch. Drink water with a lemon juice.


Nuts which is free from salt, carrot sticks, eat fresh fruits, dark chocolate.


You can eat low fat meats like fish. Don eat roasted or fried meat. Dinner roll is also good for your dinner. Drink Skim milk or water in


Used these tips when you are on fatty liver diet

  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Red meat like beef and bison
  • Eat less Butter because it contains 81% fat
  • Try to avoid to drink alcohol
  • Quit smoking
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoid fast food and junk foods
  • Try to avoid harmful substances like drugs
  •  Keep cholesterol level normal
  • Use salad every day in your meal.
  • Reduce the salt in your meal
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Eat those foods which is low in fat.
  • Avoid soft drinks only drink fresh juices

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