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How To Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is injurious to health. The preceding sentence is known by every smoker and non-smoker in the world. In spite of knowing the fact, people love to smoke. They have their own reasons for smoking. Many of them think that they are so much addictive to the tobacco use that they can’t quit. Many of the smokers succeed in quitting for the first few days but jump back to the habit as they thing that they can’t quit. This is known as relapse. Relapsing is the common phenomenon that occurs almost to every smoker for the first time he / she decides to quit. Many of the smokers face this relapsing process more than one time. However, it very helpful for the smokers to build a will for quitting smoking.
The article discusses some of the best facts which can be highly effective for a smoker to quit smoking

when decided. All these steps also provide you with the healthy life style which the smokers must follow in order to stay healthy and remain saying no to their addiction after and while quitting smoking.

A Strong Determination:

Find a strong determination in you for quitting smoking. Find out the reasons and consider them while making a list of them. This will help you shore up your determination. It is believed that the reasons based on emotions are more motivating than the decisions based on universal facts. Therefore find an emotional reason for example, “I don’t want my family to inhale the second hand smoke in their lungs.”
Must make a research on the history of smoking. This will help you build your determination even stronger. Read about the death ratios and diseases that occur due to smoking. This will benefit you a lot.

A Positive Attitude:

Keep calm and positive once you decide to quit. Believe in yourself that you are enough able to quit. Think that you have spent a lot of time in planning about how to quit and the reasons for quitting. Believe that if you persevere, you can do it. Start you new plan with great excitement. Think that you can save enough amount of money by quitting smoking. And reward yourself with that money. Buy good thing such as beautiful clothes, healthy food for yourself from that money.

A Quit Date:

Go for a specific quit date. Select it and make your mind that you would stop on this date. The one more practice which can be done is that switches the smoking brands and don’t smoke your brand between the set quitting date and the date on which you decided to quit. This will make smoking less enjoyable but not intolerable. This will increase the chance of your success.

Fresh Fruits And Exercise:

Exercise On Daily Basis This Will help you release your stress and depression. The exercise will also keep you stay healthy and active. Secondly, use a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. This will keep you healthy and away from smoking as intake of fruits make the smoke taste bad.
Follow the above mentioned instructions and you’ll be surely able to quit smoking.

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