Living Dairy Free Diet is best For Your Health

Dairy products that includes milk, cheese, butter, creams, in short all those product which are made by milk is called dairy products and dairy free diet is that which contain no dairy products. The dairy free diet gives you different opportunity to try new food. Dairy free also focus on fruit, nuts, pulses and vegetables which contain nutritious and Give benefits to your body. Dairy free diet gives you happy lifestyle and also gives you benefits for the skin especially for those who are suffer from psoriasis, eczema and dryness. It is also useful for those which as acne. There is no doubt that dairy free diet will not only help to reduce your weight but it provide you good health. Switch from the dairy products will reduce the chances of anxiety, nausea and stress. Children also can get benefits from the dairy free diet because dairy products can help to reduce hyperactivity and autism. Dairy free diet provides most effective ways to improve the health. If the people get benefits by avoid dairy products they will follow the diet plan. It take just ten days to start notice the benefits of non-dairy diet. It can prevent form ear infections. All people have right to live well being. You should know about your dietary problems and how can treated. People should take lactose free diet which is a part of milk products. Many people do not switch lactose because it can cause gas, cramping or diarrhea.

Try to avoid all foods which contain lactose. Following are some foods which do not contain lactose like

Soy milk, Rice milk, Lactose free milk, Non-dairy creamers, pasta, potatoes, rice cakes, noodles, cereals without milk, oil, non-dairy products, margarine without butter or milk, fruits and vegetables, juices, vegetables which are made without milk products, cooked or baked food, fish, nuts and seeds, jellies and jam, honey, sugar, syrup.

Following dairy products because they contains lactose and should be avoided:

Cream, buttermilk, milk, cheeses foods, hot chocolates, malted milk, cream, cottage and ricotta cheese, whey, sherbet, yogurt, instant mashed potato mixes, frozen potatoes, dry cereal with milk, cream cheese, creamed vegetables, hot dogs, cakes , whipped cream

Food ingredients that contain lactose

Milk powder
Milk solids
Milk protein
Nonfat dry milk

Benefits of dairy free diet:

Prevent form cancer
Clear skin
Easy in digestions
Weight loss

Breast-feeding effects

Breastfeeding is very important for your kid health. The milk which you are consuming it can make upset your baby and you should eliminate for at least 2 weeks and after that your baby settles down. Switch from dairy products for some time is not a complicated because baby’s health is more important.

By : Natural Health News

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