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Alcoholic Liver Disease Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Alcoholic Liver Disease?

It is the damage caused to the liver and its normal functioning in response to alcohol abuse.

What Are The Symptoms Of Alcoholic Liver Disease?

Symptoms of alcoholic liver disease tend to vary, depending upon the severity of disease. One may not notice any symptoms in its initial stage; however few may emerge after a heavy drinking period.

  • Symptoms Related To Skin Include:

1. Itching.
2. Redness on your hands or feet.
3. Yellow color in the eyes, mucus membranes or skin (jaundice).
4. Paler or darker skin.
5. Small, spider-like veins on your skin. These veins are of red color.

  • Symptoms Related To Digestive System Include:

1. Decreased appetite.
2. Swelling and pain in your abdomen.
3. Weight loss.
4. Fatigue.
5. Nausea.
6. Dry mouth.
7. Vomiting.
8. Increased thirst.

  • Symptoms related to nervous system and brain include:

1. Numbness in feet and legs.
2. Lightheadedness.
3. Fainting.
4. Problems with mood, memory and thinking.

When Is The High Time To Seek Medical Assistance?

Call up for an appointment with your doctor in case you notice the above mentioned symptoms of ALD.

What Causes Alcoholic Liver Disease?

Alcohol liver disease arises years after chronic heavy drinking. Consuming alcohol can lead inflammation in your liver. In the fullness of time, scarring of liver tend to occur, followed by cirrhosis, which is the last stage of ALD. Not every heavy drinker experiences the disease, however the risks of facing liver disease rises by the following:

  • Heavy consumption of alcohol and,
  • The longer period of time one has been drinking alcohol.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Alcoholic Liver Disease?

It is observed that alcoholic liver disease is more common in certain families. Strangely, women are more prone to develop ALD as compared to men.

How Is Alcoholic Liver Disease Diagnosed?

Following can help diagnose alcoholic liver disease:

  • Liver function tests.
  • Liver biopsy.
  • Complete blood count.

How Is Alcoholic Liver Disease Treated?

After being diagnosed with alcohol liver disease, a decision one must wisely take is to stop drinking alcohol at once! This will help manage the symptoms to a certain level, whilst reduces the chances of serious damage to the liver. As mentioned earlier, cirrhosis is the last stage of ALD, in case it is not yet occurred; quitting alcohol can help heal your liver. For the purpose, alcohol rehabilitation counseling can provide a helping hand. Malnutrition can be reversed by vitamins, specifically folic acid and Vitamin B-complex.

What Is The Prognosis Of Alcoholic Lover Disease?

After being diagnosed with the disease, continuing the consumption of alcohol can indeed shorten one’s lifespan. Furthermore, chances of complications including severe liver damage, brain changes and bleeding raises. The outcome is poor if one continues to drink.

Is Alcoholic Liver Disease Preventable?

Yes, alcoholic liver disease is preventable. For the purpose, one must drink alcohol in moderation. To know how much is safe for the health, ask your doctor to advice.



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