Eye Bags Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Are Eye Bags?

Eye bags are a common cosmetic concern. They are characterized as sagging and swelling under the eyes. Fortunately, eye bags are not signal towards a serious underlying condition. Often, it may not require any treatment except few home remedies. However, for eye bags that have failed to respond home care measures, a number of cosmetic treatments are a better solution.

What Are The Symptoms Of Eye Bags?

Of course, swelling under the eyes is one of the obvious symptoms of eye bags. Moreover, you may also notice dark circles and loose skin under your eyes.

What Causes Eye Bags?

Aging is the major cause for instigating eye bags. As we age, tissues that surround our eyes tends to weaken. Moreover, normal fat that once supported our eyes moves into our lower eyelids, emerging like a pocket appearance. Accumulation of fluid also occurs in the space right below the eyes, causing more puffiness.
Moreover, certain factors such as hereditary factors, allergies, hormonal changes, oversleeping or inadequate sleep also contribute in causing eye bags. Specific conditions and diseases are also identified for leading eye bags such as Chagas disease, chronic sinus, anemia, pink eye, eczema, hypothyroidism etc.
Other causes that roots eye bags include:

Are Eye Bags A Serious Concern?

Eye bags are not at all a serious concern, but an indication to review your lifestyle choices. Eye bags tend to affect your appearance thus can have social and psychological impacts.

How Are Eye Bags Diagnosed?

Your doctor can diagnose eye bags simply by examining the skin under your lower eyelids. No particular tests and procedures are needed to diagnose eye bags.

How Are Eye Bags Treated?

Since eye bags are a cosmetic concern, they do not need any particular treatment. In case of being concerned regarding the appearance of your puffy eyes, surgical and medical treatment can serve as an effective solution for the purpose. Usually, people choose home remedies for getting rid of eye bags, as they have proved effective for majority of the people with eye bags. One of such home remedies include:

Eye Bags Prevention:

Since lifestyle has a major impact on contributing or preventing eye bags, one must choose a healthy lifestyle in order to look and stay healthy. For the purpose:

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