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Eye Melanoma Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Eye Melanoma?

Melanin is a pigment that gives color to our skin, eyes and hair. Eye melanoma is a form of cancer which forms in the cells responsible for making melanin. Our eyes contain cells that make melanin, thus may develop melanoma. More specifically, ocular melanoma is another name for eye melanoma. Melanoma can form in different parts of your eye.

What Are The Alternate Names Of Eye Melanoma?

Eye melanoma is also known by the following names:

  • Eye tumor.
  • Choroid malignant melanoma.
  • Ocular melanoma.
  • Eye malignant melanoma.

What Are The Symptoms Of Eye Melanoma?

Few common symptoms of eye melanoma are:

  • Change in the color of iris.
  • Painful, red eye.
  • Bulging eyes.
  • Minor defect on your conjunctiva or iris.
  • Poor vision in a particular eye.

In few instances, there can be no obvious signs at all.

What Causes Eye Melanoma?

Basically, melanoma tends to be an aggressive form of cancer. It can spread quickly and can target quite a few parts of your eye, such as:

  • Orbit.
  • Choroid.
  • Iris.
  • Eyelid.
  • Conjunctiva.
  • Ciliary body.

More often, melanoma forms on the choroid layer in the eye. In addition to this, the cancer may or may not spread to some other place in the body besides the eye, however when it does, liver are its frequent target. Melanoma can even start on some other organ of your body or the skin and can transmit to the eye. In adults, melanoma tends to be the common form of eye tumor. Nonetheless, melanoma that begins in the eye is uncommon.
Even though, doctors have failed to identify the unambiguous cause of eye melanoma, yet few factors do have a connection in its instigation, these are:

  • Excessive sun exposure.
  • People with blue eyes.
  • Individuals with a fairer skin.

What Are The Potential Complications Of Eye Melanoma?

Few complications associated with eye melanoma are:

How Is Eye Melanoma Diagnosed?

During your visit, the doctor will examine your eye by means of an ophthalmoscope. It may show an oval or round lump (tumor) in your eye. In order to ascertain the doubts, the doctor can recommend an eye ultrasound.

How Is Eye Melanoma Treated?

The options to treat the eye melanoma rely on the size and location of the melanoma. Moreover, preferences and the overall health of the patient are also considered while considering a treatment option.

Often, minor cases of melanoma do not need an instant treatment, however for the melanomas that are growing and leading complications, treatment becomes a necessity. Few treatment options include:

  • Surgery.
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Cold treatments.


Protecting your eyes against the sun is the best possible way to prevent yourself against eye melanoma. Thus, wear UV protected sunglasses while being exposed to the sun.


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