5 Foods for the Eyesight and Eye Health

If your eyesight is awful, you know the effort. This difficulty can stop you from doing everyday activities and limit you a lot. The awful thing is that 3 from 4 mature people have this issue and require glasses or contacts. Also, the falls is increasing by the day like common issue and leads to lots of money, billions dollars for in use this issue, per year and also use for Well-being and other skin and health conditions.

If you have eye issue or not, read this just in case you need avoidance at least. Be careful and talk with the eye specialist for the diet or lifestyle changes. A lot of foods have nutrients and vitamins for the sharp sight and young eyes.


The oily fish has omega 3 fat acids that are generally healthy for the heart and eyes. Those acids stop drying of eyes, macular degeneration and risk of waterfall. Fish of cold water: sardine, tuna, salmon, mackerel are the most excellent such foods for omega 3.


The strongest vitamins for the eye are vitamin E in almonds. More nuts like this has the vitamin E. why is this vitamin good? It is antioxidant for the eyes. Because this is the case, it stops free essential damage in the eye cells. So, snack almonds and nuts.

Squash and Carrots

Any vegetables or fruit ranging from orange to yellow has a lot of carotenoids. This thing has lutein and lutein keeps the retina strong or the macula and protects it from harm from UV light and blue light.


This veggie has various nutrients like lutein, beta-carotene and even zeaxanthin. All of them defend the eye health and stop macular deterioration or cataract risk. Eat the kale in salads or side dish to main food, or even cook in the oven the leaves like chips. Also blend this with other vegetables or fruits in smoothies. The kale has antioxidants that prevent cancer too.


This item has vitamins and proteins like the lutein and vitamin A. The Vitamin A keeps you safe from blindness and dry eyes. The lutein keeps macula protected from damage of blue/UV light.


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