Age Spots Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Are Age Spots ?

Liver spots or age spots are characterized by the flat spots on the specific parts of the skin that are more sun exposed. These spots tend to be either brown or black in color. In addition, age spots vary in terms of sizes and commonly form on the arms, shoulders, hands and face. These are particularly common in people older than fifty years of age. Though, young individuals can also develop them, particularly the ones those are excessively sun exposed.

Even though, age spots may resemble with cancerous growths, but, actual age spots tends to cause no harm and needs no medical aid. However, people with cosmetic concerns can get them removed or lightened through skin bleaching products. The skin condition is preventable to a greater extent, simply by limiting your sun exposure, or using a good sunscreen, one can help sustaining the youthful appearance of his or her skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of Age Spots ?

Generally, individuals with fair skin complexions are more prone to develop age spots as compared to the ones with a darker skin complexion. Symptoms of age spots include:

What Causes Age Spots ?

Years of sun exposure, that is the UV rays exposure, is the basic trigger of age spots. Though, tanning beds and lamps can also play an important role in the emergence of age spots. Basically, melanin is a pigment responsible for giving color to our skin, hair and eyes. UV light tends to speed up the making of melanin, causing a tan that guard the skin’s deeper layers against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Clearly, on the skin areas that have been frequently exposed to the sun for years, forms age spots when melanin amasses or is made in excessive concentrations.

What Are The Rsk Factors Of Age Spots ?

Age spots can develop on anyone’s skin, though, one is more prone to have age spots in case:

How Are Age Spots Diagnosis ?

In order to detect age spots, visual inspection of the skin and skin biopsy would greatly help.

How Are Age Spots Treatment ?

As mentioned earlier, those with cosmetic concerns can get the age spots lighten or removed. For the purpose, the doctor will review a number of treatment options, to choose the one best suited for your skin. These treatment options include:

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