Wrinkles Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

What Are Wrinkles ?

The appearance of wrinkles is normal as you age. Though, these tend to get more obvious on skin that is frequently exposed to sun, for example, forearms, hands, neck and face. Even though, genetic plays a vital role in determining the texture and structure of our skin, yet, the aforementioned factor is the main trigger of wrinkles, particularly for individuals with fairer skin. In addition, few other factors may also contribute in the emergence of wrinkles, these include smoking and pollutants.

In case your appearance with wrinkles is bothersome for you, then you can review a number of treatment options present nowadays for wrinkles. These can greatly help you by making your wrinkles less obvious and your skin look smooth. Few of the effective options are as follow:

What Are The Symptoms Of Wrinkles ?

Wrinkles are marked by the creases and lines that develop in the skin. Few of them tend to turn into deeper furrows or crevices, and are particularly obvious around the neck, mouth and eyes.

When Is The Right Time To Seek Medical Aid ?

In case the wrinkles on your face are bothersome, or are obvious enough to cause you social disgrace, then you must review the list of good dermatologists present in your town!

What Causes Wrinkles ?

Wrinkles are known to form due to the mixture of several factors, few of which are controllable, whereas others are not, these are:

How Are Wrinkles Diagnosis ?

Based on the physical evaluation of the skin, the doctor can detect wrinkles on your skin.

How Are Wrinkles Treatment ?

In case the appearance is bothersome, then you can consult a dermatologist for an effective solution. He or she will review the treatment options to reduce or smooth your wrinkles. What option is best for you is depended upon your skin and personal preferences. Treatment options include:

How Are Wrinkles Preventable ?

To an extent, yes! Though, wrinkles caused by normal aging are unpreventable. Following ways can help you reduce the possibilities of skin damage:

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