Weight Loss Diet Plan for Overweight Teenage Girl

Diet Plan for Teenage Girl

In our society we often hear about or know teenage girls who are dealing with weight problems, but somehow overweight teenage boys are not so obvious. If you have been looking for Diet Plans for teenager you are in luck. Safe Diet Plans for Teenage Girls are something numerous people are looking for, as dieting has become America’s obsession. The level of eating disorders has taken a vast toll on the nation. Somewhere in the middle teenage girls are stuck trying to figure it all out. They don’t have to face the challenge of their teenage years alone. There are millions of other girls that are going through the same thing. Many young females are just looking for a Diet that is safe.

A diet plan that targets quick weight loss isn’t always healthy; to be honest it’s hardly ever safe or healthy. Particularly when we are talking about a suitable and safe Diet Plan for teenage girls, because they are still growing and you want to ensure that their bodies are always getting exactly what they need. So instead of focusing on rapid weight loss, the focus must be diet and nutrition that can be added to her everyday lifestyle.

Balanced Diet Chart

A Balanced Diet contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, Vitamins, minerals, water, and roughage. Having a balanced diet is of utmost importance for girls, especially students. Why Balanced Diet Is Necessary? And It’s Some Foods to Eat Here are some types of Balanced Diet Food Type.

Nutrient Type Food Type

Carbohydrates            Roti,Chapatti, Rice, sugary fruits, etc
Proteins                       Egg, fish, meat, pulses, paneer, etc
Fats                               Oil, butter, ghee, egg yolk, etc
Vitamins                      Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables
Roughage                    Fibre such as the skin of fruits and vegetables etc.
Vitamin D                   Breakfast cereals, margarine, oily fishes
Protein                        Foods Red meat, fish, pulses, cereals, green vegetables
Calcium                       Milk, cheese, yogurt, soybeans, tofu and nuts

If you have to manage your diet according to your body, here are more proper diet plans for you.

Consume a Balanced Diet

A proper Diet Plan for Weight Loss teenage girls should consist of a suitable amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats along with vitamins and minerals. Consume proper 2 – 3 big meals and 2 – 3 mid meals or healthy snacks.

Eat Lots of Fiber:

Include a variety of fiber in your diet. Consume whole fruits, vegetables, oats, quinoa, whole grain cereals, sprouts, and bran fortified foods. A minimum of 5 – 6 servings of foods and vegetables is a must in a day. These fulfil the need for fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Keep the Proteins High:

High proteins are essential for the growth and preservation of the body. It boosts metabolism and helps weight loss. Include milk and products, egg, poultry, dals, pulses, pulses, sprouts, nuts and seeds.

Here is a complete list of healthy diet foods ranging from all food groups that can be included in the balanced diet for teenagers.

Folate-Rich Foods – Brown rice, green vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals and bread

Vitamin C Rich Foods – Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, potatoes

Difference is, the lifestyle adjustment choice will be the one that has lasting results. In respect of a Healthy Diet Plan for teenage girls rather you are the girl trying to lose weight, or a parent trying to find a way to help your daughter. Try to always keep in mind that you don’t want to implement a discouraging procedure, to an already stressful condition. If you go for diet or exercise plan that is unrealistic or very extreme, teenage girls or even anyone in general are more likely to become discouraged and fail to follow through.

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