Why Balanced Diet Is Necessary? And It’s Some Foods to Eat

What is Balanced Diet?

Balanced diet is that diet which gives your body nutrients and make function properly. Balanced diet is necessary because your tissues and organs need for proper nutrition for work effectively and without nutrition your diet is more prone disease, fatigue, infection and also poor performance. Children who have poor diet they have risk of growth and other development problems and also poor academic performance. Due to bad eating habits you can live well being. There are some disease which can effect on your body due to poor diet like Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Heart disease. Potatoes with skin are best source of vitamins and fiber. For getting the proper nutrition from your diet then you can get from


Fresh fruits

Lean protein


Fresh vegetables


Balanced Diet Food to Eat

Balanced diet are foods which are low in sugars and unnecessary fats but they are high in minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients. There are some parts of balanced diet


Fruits are great source of nutrition. Select those fruits which are beneficial for you. They are fresh and give you nutrients.


Vegetables are good source of minerals and vitamins. Leafy green mostly contain the nutrients which can be eaten in every meal. Some examples of dark leafy green vegetables are include in your Diet Plans;

Swiss chard



Green beans


Collard greens


Try to switch from white breads and also pastas to whole grain products. Whole grains are prepared by using entire grain and also hull is included, that’s why they provide more nutrition,


Beans and meat are primary source of protein which is necessary for brain development and proper muscles. Pulses and eggs are also best source of protein. Low fat meat like fish, chicken, and many cuts of beef and pork are the best for your health. Diet of the animal and health is necessary and influence the fatty acid meat so choose the grass fed animals. Some good sources of protein are given below which can gives you many other health benefits and nutrients like







Tempeh, tofu and other soy based products are very good sources of protein.

Dairy products

Dairy products gives you Vitamin D, calcium and many other nutrients. But they’re also reason of fats so try to select those which have low fat or fat free yogurt and milk. Plant based milk like almond, soy are fortified with calcium and nutrients.


God oils like olive oil can be replace by other vegetables oils in your diet. Try to avoid deep fried foods because they have many empty calories. Add other food in your diet then you should decrease the consumption of many substance for maintain a healthy weight and balance diet these are given below



Refined grains


Solid fats

Saturated fats

Tran’s fat

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