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Covid-19 Third Wave is Inevitable Maharashtra Reports 57,640 New Cases

New Coronavirus Cases in India, Covid-19 India Lockdown, Coronavirus Vaccine Registration Highlights: Total lockdown comes in force in Odisha from today. As new ICMR guidelines kick in, we would know its impact next week.

Coronavirus India Cases Today, New Strain of Coronavirus, Covid-19 Lockdown Highlights: The horrifying scenes from India’s hospitals, cremation/burial grounds that stunned the world and showed the gruesome impact of the second wave of coronavirus in the second most populous nation on the Earth have not improved despite some states reporting a significantly lower number of new Covid-19 infections. What has changed is the testing pattern and with the new guidelines issued by the ICMR last night, India may register a further dip in daily caseload.

However, experts say that this may result in actual infections not getting detected and that may result in other super-spreader events. So, what changes now? The ICMR says that states should go for rapid antigen rather than the RT-PCR, which is considered the best possible test for diagnosing Covid-19 infection. The new norms come into effect at a time when the diagnostic centres across the country face huge backlogs due to a massive surge in cases and testing. Another key element of the new rules says that now those travelling across states need not undergo the RT-PCR test.

Meanwhile, despite help pouring in from across the world, many states have said that they have not received any relief material. The Centre maintains that it has streamlined the process and sending the Oxygen devices and other things via proper channels. With the High Court’s berating the Centre and state governments, one can only hope that situation improves without artificial gimmicks of antigen results and lower testing. As India continues its war against Covid here are the latest verified news and other developments from across the country and around the world.

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