Rash Symptoms, Causes, Diagnose and Treatment

What Is Rash ?

A rash is defined as an abnormal or irregular change in the color or texture of skin. Usually, Rashes are caused due to skin inflammation, which are due to several causes.
Different types of rashes are present such as eczema, lichen planus and granuloma annulare.
Infections which are responsible to cause rashes are bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infection. OTC drugs are present to treat different types of skin rashes and inflammation.

Types of rashes: It includes:

What Are The Symptoms Of Rash ?

The rash is a very common skin disorder. It is usually not a very serious disorder. The following symptoms are seen:

What Are The Causes Of Rash ?

There are varieties of factors which can cause skin rashes like infections, allergens, heat, disorders of immune system as well as specific medications. The most commonly seen skin disorders that results in a rash is eczema which is also called as atopic dermatitis.

How Rashes Are Diagnosis ?

Rashes are considered as the most usual reasons for the parents of babies to visit the physician. In several situations, rashes don’t designate a dangerous or harmful medical condition, however in few serious situations, they become harmful. It is not a dangerous situation if a person or child is present in a good general health. The symptoms will disappear soon in few days. There are different types of rashes having different reasons. Thus, it is good to visit the doctor and let him understand the type of rash? How extensive this type of rash is? What are the symptoms? And how big the rashes are? Your doctor can only diagnose the particular type.

How Rashes Are Treatment ?

It is a wise option to visit a doctor for skin rashes. The treatment may include:

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