Menu Plan for Inflammation Diet and Some its Facts for Healthy Lifestyle

Inflammation is a natural process which helps your body to heal and protect itself from harm. But sometimes it gets chronic and wild.  It can destroy your body and you can have cancer, obesity and heart disease. Inflammation diet is the way which can protect you from infection, injury and illness. As an inflammation response, your body induce the production of white cells, substance and immune cells which is called cytokines which help you to fight with infection.  Inflammation diet reduce the swelling, pain, heat and redness. Inflammatory diet provide you a healthy balance of fat, carbs and protein in every meal.Consuming wholegrain, cereal, rice and pasta can also helpful to keep inflammation at bay because wholegrain have more fiber which reduce the levels of C- reactive protein.

Unhealthy lifestyle can drive inflammation

There are many lifestyle which can promote inflammation especially when they are occurs on daily basics.

Use of high amounts of fructose corn syrup and sugar is not good for your health because duet to high sugar you can have diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance.

Consuming of refined carbs like white bread can also cause inflammation and obesity.

Excess of alcohol can also cause inflammatory effects on your body.

Processed foods which contain Trans fats has lost the cause of inflammation and can damage the endothelial cells which line your arteries.

A lot of sitting in a main non-dietary factor which can also promote inflammation.

If you want that inflammation gets then you should eat less inflammatory foods and eat more anti-inflammatory foods.

A low carb diet foods can also helpful for reduce inflammation for those people who have obese or metabolic syndrome.

Inflammatory diet provide you a healthy balance of fat, carbs and protein in every meal.

Vegetarian diet also helpful for reduce the inflammation.

Food which should avoided

Desserts like candy, cake, ice cream and cookies
Refined carbs like white pasta and white bread
Oil: corn oil, soybean, processed seed and vegetables oil
Processed meat: bologna, hot dogs etc.
Sugar beverages: fruit juices and other sugar sweetened drinks
Processed snack foods: chips, crackers and pretzels

Food which should eat:

Tea : green tea
Nuts: almonds
Vegetables: cauliflower, cabbage, brussels, kale and broccoli
Fruits : eat deeply coloured berries like cherris and grapes
High fat fruits: olives and avocados
Fatty fish: anchovies, mackerel, herring, salmon and sardiens
Spices: cinnamon, turmeric
Healthy fats: Coconut oil and olive oil
Chocolate :  dark chocolate

Menu for inflammation diet

Here given simple and easy menu for inflammation Diet Plans


1 cup cherries
Water or green tea
3-egg omelet with one cup of mushrooms and one cup kale which is cooked in coconut oil


Iced tea and water
1 cup raspberries, chopped pecans and topped with plain Greek yogurt
Grilled salmon with mixed green olive oil and vinegar


Bell pepper strips with guacamole


Dark chocolate

Chicken curry with sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower

By : Natural Health News

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