What is Hellebore?

Hellebore is the common name given to over 20 different species of perennial plants belonging to the genus Helleborus. It is considered one of the most controversial herbal remedies used in modern times as most species within this genus are poisonous. There are some species;however, that when prepared carefully by professional herbalists can have some very powerful healing effects on the body.Black and white Hellebore are two such species. Both are toxic but when they are prepared and dosed properly they yield excellent medicinal properties. White Hellebore has purgative properties whereas black Hellebore is used for a wide variety of ailments. Under no conditions should an herbal remedy of Hellebore be prepared at homeas the side effects can be very serious and can even include death.

Benefits of Hellebore

  •     It is a very strong purgative meaning that it accelerates the body’s rejection system. This is very useful if someone has consumed some toxic substance that needs to be cleared from the system. This herb empties the stomach getting rid of any toxins that might be inside
  •     It is a diuretic which means that it helps the body get rid of toxins and excess water, salt, and fats by stimulating the production and flow of urine. This is a much milder way of detoxing the body compared to purging
  •     It promotes menstruation and can therefore regulate periods for those females who suffer from irregular, late, or missed periods
  •     It has antipyretic properties which means that it can reduce fevers
  •     Its purgative and diuretic properties make it a good weight loss aid. The weight lost is mostly water and the loss is quite quick
  •     It reduces spasms and is helpful for people who have spasmodic disorders such as epilepsy
  •     It has been found to successfully eliminate worms and other parasites from the digestive tract

By : Natural Health News

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