Importance of Low Cholesterol Diet and its Some Cooking Tips

When we eat saturated fat to much it increases our cholesterol level. Research how that reduces of saturated fat and replace it with everyday foods which contain more unsaturated fat and Low Cholesterol Diet can improve our cholesterol level. Fat and replacing it with everyday foods that contain more unsaturated fat can improve our cholesterol levels. There are many ways to change your life style which can also make your cholesterol level good. As you can eat healthy foods and due to which you can maintain a healthy weight and live physically active and smart. Many people take different types of pills for their make their cholesterol level down because only change of diet and life style is not only sufficient for them. Most of the heart disease caused by cholesterol when it gets higher. The arteries which feed the heart become clogged and the blood flow become reduce and then it cause chest pain and if a blood clot forms and it block the artery , a person can have heart attack duet to this reason and also it cause effect the brain and also stroke. If you are doing dieting and cutting your calories for weight loss then you have to check cholesterol level and your weight on daily basics because by weight loss you can atomically drop your cholesterol level but it depend all on your daily Low cholesterol diet.

The first step you should take while when you making a Diet plans chart for Low Cholesterol Diet you should know that where it comes from mostly the fat come from the baked product and from animals products so if you want to reduce your cholesterol levels then you should reduce the limit of it and the second step is that you should know the difference between bad fats and good fats in your diet.

Saturated fats which include cholesterol rick animal fat which are found in red meat, butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, cheese. These types of fats can reduce 7% of your total daily calorie. Tran’s fats are the unsaturated fats which modified chemically solid at room temperature.

Following are some Foods which we should eat in Low Cholesterol Diet

A you know that plants do not have cholesterol and are low in saturated fat so we should add plants based Foods , drink in our diet which control our cholesterol level. Some foods are given below which are considered as Low cholesterol diet

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Soya food
  • Pulse and bean
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Barley, oat cereal
  • Fatty fish like albacore tuna, mackerel and salmon
  • Food which are high in omega 3 fatty acid like flax seeds and avocado.
  • Pasta and brown rice.
  • Fat free 1% and low fat dairy products
  • Lean meats and poultry without skin
  • Vegetable oils like corn, olive and safflower oil and canola

As we all know that Low cholesterol diet plays an important role for lower your cholesterol level. Here are some diet food given above which can help you to make better your cholesterol level and protect your heart form other disease. Walnuts, nuts and almonds are also good for blood cholesterol because they are rich in mono and fatty acids and walnuts also help you to keep your blood vessels healthy. Another good source is olive oil. Try to use about two tablespoons in a day instead of using other oils. It keeps you healthy. Add olive oil in your diet you can sauté vegetables in it and add marinade or mix vinegar as a salad. You can also olive oil instead of butter when you boat meat and dip for bread.

Foods which increase cholesterol and should be avoid

Eating too much saturated fat can increase our cholesterol levels. It is best to reduce the amount of Foods which we eat and high are in saturated fats like

  • Ghee
  • Butter
  • Hard margarine
  • Fatty meat
  • Fries foods
  • Cheese milk, cream and yogurt
  • Palm oil and Coconut oil and coconut cream.
  • Candies, cake, pies, pastries
  • Fast food like pizza, burger
  • Baked goods which are made from trans-fat and saturated fats like donuts, cakes
  • Full fat dairy product like milk, ice cream, cheese
  • Those Foods who have a lot of sodium
  • Meat which are processed with a lot of sodium in it.

Some other suggestions

In addition to changing your diet, making other heart-healthy lifestyle changes is key to improving your cholesterol. Exercising, quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight will help keep your cholesterol at a healthy level. Cholesterol is not a very bad thing because it a natural way because our body produce about 75% cholesterol in our blood and the remaining 25% come from food which we eat and cholesterol I only found in animals products. When the cholesterol level increase the problem occur to your health and diseases like heart attack, stroke and other heart disease occur. Some food which help us to lower cholesterol Foods which are hydrogenated oils in ingredients panel and some solid fats like lard and shortening and stick margarine.

Good planning of eating can give you good health American heart association suggest that if you want to get a nutrients of food you can get it from vegetable fruit cereal , low fat dairy product and whole grain bread.

You can make smart choices of foods which can help to keep your cholesterol level normal.

Reduce cholesterol when you are cooking by poaching, broiling and steaming. If you want to fry then use pan fry or stir fry because by using this all you can cut back fat and use healthy unsaturated fats.

Healthy Cooking Tips

  • Add fruit and vegetables to you leas
  • Leaner cut if you select eat meat
  • Cut all fat before cooking from meat
  • Try to use vegetables oil spray
  • Try to use low fat instead of regular cheese
  • Grill or broil instead of frying
  • Eat small portions of high calorie foods.

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