How to Reverse Diabetes

Like most people who’re given a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, Marie Nimmo thinking there was no going back: she’d be a diabetic for the rest of her life, just similar to her grandmother and father before her.

But to everyone’s shock – not least her GP – 50-year-old Marie from Ayrshire managed to get rid of her indication totally and bring her blood sugar down to normal levels, just by changing her daily life.

Reverse your diabetes diet will be published on Thursday in association with the UK’s leading online diabetic’s community, diabetes.co.uk.
“People were told their diabetes would just get worse, that over time they did need more medicine and if they lived long enough they may need to go on to insulin which obviously was not a very positive picture but as health center, that’s what we were taught,” he says.

What changed the landscape was study of obese type 2 diabetics at Newcastle University in 2011. This showed that only a week after starting a low calorie diet, and their blood sugar levels were normal and their diabetes had gone within eight weeks.

It’s easy to believe these claims, because they’re always backed up by scientific research and communicated using believe words that are very believable. Because of this, low carbohydrate diets have taken the world by storm, resulting in millions of people who dynamically stay away from eating any form of carbohydrate, whether from refined sources like bread, pasta, cereal, rice and artificial sweeteners, or from complete sources like fruits and starchy vegetables.

Can You Reverse Diabetes Without Weight Loss?

Given that the diets designed by Rabinowitch and Kempner were both low-calorie diets and low-fat many questioned whether improvements in insulin sensitivity and diabetes were just due to weight loss, and not to decreased dietary fat.

To separate these two variables, researchers in 1979 enrolled 20 subjects who had been living with type 2 diabetes for other than 20 years.

They fed them a low-fat, plant-based diet and monitored the changes in their insulin necessities and blood glucose over time. In this study the design was rather different.

Significantly Reduced Cholesterol

A convenient side effect of a reduced intake of dietary fat was that cholesterol levels dropped a regular of 29% – from 206 mg/dL to 145 mg/dL. Most highly, all patients in this study were able to decrease or stop insulin therapy and diminish their cholesterol levels without any changes in body weight, obviously demonstrating that less dietary fat results in less insulin.


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