Natural Vitamins and Minerals Supplements for your Kids

You want to give vitamins to your children in the form of a healthy and balanced diet. They should consume dairy products for example yogurt and cheese, along with milk, green, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits regularly. Proteins from fish, eggs, chicken, and whole grains for example brown rice and steel-cut oats must also be a part of their diets. Because parents these days are frequently busy and do not have time to prepare meals at home, Natural Vitamins for children can help nurture their growth.

Children suffering from constant medical conditions like digestive problems or asthma, and finicky eaters must take supplements to boost growth. Kids who are energetic and play sports need taking in supplements. Those who eat plenty of convenience Foods, processed foods, and fast foods may need supplements too.

Vitamin A is the most important mineral necessary by children as it promotes growth usually. It also helps in bone repair and tissue development, immune responses, healthy eyes and healthy skin. Sources of Vitamin A include eggs, milk, cheese and vegetables such as carrots, squash and yams. Vitamin B helps with producing energy, metabolism, as well as healthy nervous and circulatory systems. Sources of vitamin B compound consist of chicken, eggs, fish, meat, beans, nuts, soybeans, cheese, and milk.

Calories per Day by Age

Year’s          boy’s          Girls
1-3               1230          1,165
4-6              1715           1,545
7-10            1970           1,740
11-14           2220          1,845
15-18          2755           2,110
Adults        2550           1,940

Calorie requirement per day adapted from NHS choices.

Minerals and Vitamins for ADHD

Vitamins and other healthy essential oils also support healthy nervous system and brain function and include:

Vitamin B

Improves brain function and activity you can find vitamin B in milk, eggs, fish, nuts, dark green vegetables and whole grains. Even though niacin a B vitamin has been shown to aid kids with ADHD, give your child a vitamin B complex, rather than the individual vitamin.

Vitamin C

Has been shown to reduce restlessness and hyperactivity

Omega 3’s

Essential for optimal brain and heart function numerous studies have found that ADHD kids are deficient in essential fatty acids. Flax seed which you can grind up and sprinkle on yogurt, cereal and salads is a superb source of omega 3’s as are fish and nuts.
With numerous types of vitamins available, we will look into some of the most essential vitamins for children.

Vitamin D

Most children’s vitamins contain Vitamin D but the matter of supplementing Vitamin D in children can be controversial. To make sure my kids don’t get too much or too little, we check their levels about once a year in the winter and supplement based on the results. I did absolutely recommend this, particularly if you plan to give your children higher doses or supplement on a daily basis.

Vitamin B3

The Vitamin B3 is an important member of the Vitamin B group and it is sometimes recognized as Niacinimide and is superior for getting rid of toxins. Vitamin B rich foods are eggs, green leafy vegetables, milk, yeast, fish and cereals. Another Vitamin B form (Vitamin B 12) has done well on studies in children where their attention span and focus definitely improved. Yet another member of the Vitamin B group is B6 which also has shown positive results in helping to decrease hyperactivity in children. You can see why the Vitamin B Complex group is one of the best vitamins for ADHD kids out there.

Benefits of Vitamins B Complex

Vitamin B has distinct and substantial benefits for kids. Some of the major benefits of Vitamin B complex for children are as follows.

  • Vitamin B complex promotes growth and strength and stimulates memory in children in their formative years.
  • Vitamin B complex helps decrease stress in children. Vitamin B complex aids transfer carbohydrates and fats released in stressful situations into energy required for proper maintenance of nervous system and the heart.
  • Vitamin B complex plays a necessary part in the healthy upkeep of skin, eyes, hair and nails.
  • Vitamin B complex helps boost the oxygen circulation in the body, particularly the brain, which in turn improved concentration.
  • Vitamin B complex supplements are a viable substitute for children, if the suggested dosage of the vitamin is not met through a normal diet. On the other hand, it is essential to consult a physician or a skilled medical practitioner for the correct dosage of the vitamin B supplement.

Vitamin C

You need vitamin C to promote healthy skin, connective tissues, and muscles. Sources consist of citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes, and green vegetables for example spinach, broccoli and others. Vitamin D you need to promote tooth and bone formation. Sources include fortified dairy products, fish oil, milk and egg yolks. Calcium you need to aid in promoting the growth of strong bones during the formative years of a kid. Sources of calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu and orange juice. Iron helps in building muscles in growing children, and is vital for healthy RBCs. Iron deficiency can create problems in adolescence, mostly in girls when they start to menstruate. Sources of iron include red meats, prunes, pork, beans, turkey and spinach.

Liquid Vitamins without Iron

Child Life

It’s a little higher in sugar than I did like, but you can begin using it at 6 months of age the other two options are for older kids.

Children’s Advanced

No sugar added and you can utilize it starting at 1 year of age.

Premium Children’s

No sugar added and you can use it starting at 4 years of age.

Iron Only Supplement

This is a good option if you decide to buy Garden of Life or Mega Food, because it will add the iron missing from those vitamins back into your child’s Diet Plan.

Some children’s vitamins come with minerals and iron. Check with your doctor to see if iron is a good design for your child, as some kids get too much of it, which can build up and create a different type of problem. Children’s must be taught not to take vitamins like candy, but quite to treat vitamins like medication and follow parental directions about when to take them. Find out more about some of the most effective vitamins for you and your kids health visit our Natural Health News site for more detail.


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