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Retinal Detachment Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Retinal Detachment ?

The Retinal detachment is defines as situation of emergency in which a tissue’s critical layer known as retina detached from its surrounding tissues which offers it nourishment and oxygen.
In retinal cells, the oxygen is lacking because of the Retinal detachment. The retinal detachment if goes untreated for long time, there is a chance of permanent vision loss of the affected eye.
Luckily, retinal detachment has frequent clear warning signs for individual. However, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the loss of vision.

What Are The Symptoms Of Retinal Detachment ?

The Retinal detachment itself is painless, however the signs and symptoms of retinal detachment generally seen before it happens. Following are the symptoms of Retinal detachment:

  • The unexpected presence of floaters and presence of debris in small amount debris in your vision’s field which  appears to be a hair, strings or spots.
  • A curtain or shadow over visual field portion that advances as the detachment grows.

What Are The Causes Of Retinal Detachment ?

This condition occurs due to the:

  • Contraction or Shrinkage of the vitreous which is a gel-like material that plugs the inside area of the eye. This can make pulling on the retina as well as a retinal tear, which leads to the retinal detachment.
  • Trauma or Injury
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory disorder of eye

Retinal Detachment

How Retinal Detachment Occurs ?

Retinal detachment occurs when the vitreous i.e., gel-like material leaks out from a retinal tear or hole and accumulates beneath the retina.

The tears or holes reason include:

  • Age-related factor or retinal disorders can make retina thin. If retinal detachment is due to a tear than it means it develops due to a sudden vitreous collapse, causing jerking on the retina to develop a tear with enough force.
  • Fluid present inside the vitreous will discover its way via tear and gathers under the retina.

How Retinal Detachment Is Diagnosis ?

It is very important to visit doctor. Your doctor may go for the below mentioned tests, procedures and instruments to diagnose either it is retinal detachment or not:

  • Ophthalmoscope. In this test, doctor may utilize a bright light instrument with the help of a special lens to observe your eyes.
  • Ultrasonography. This examination is done with the help of sound waves to make a picture clearly on a video monitor.

How Retinal Detachment Is Treatment ?

Detached retina can be treated in many ways. Such as:

  • Thermal (Laser) or cryopexy (freezing): if retinal detachment is diagnosed early, these two approaches can restore a tear in the retina. This technique is done in the hospital or doctor’s office.
  • Pneumatic retinopexy: it is a procedure which is used to cure retinal detachment if the tear is little and close easily.
  • Scleral buckle. In this treatment, sewing surgically a silicone buckle/band near the sclera of the eye to push it towards the tear till the tear restores.

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