Diaper Dermatitis Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Diaper Dermatitis?

Diaper dermatitis is commonly known as diaper rash. These rashes form beneath the diaper area of a baby.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diaper Dermatitis?

Following can be observed in the diaper area of a child:

What Causes Diaper Dermatitis?

Clearly, diaper dermatitis is a common complaint in babies between the ages of three- fifteen months old. Often, rashes occur after a baby is introduced to solid foods. Causes identified for triggering diaper dermatitis are:

1. Have frequent stools.

2. Are/mothers are taking antibiotics while the baby is on breast feed.

3. Are not kept dry and clean.

How Is Diaper Dermatitis Diagnosed?

Simply, by examining the baby’s skin, the health care provider can diagnose diaper dermatitis caused by yeast. However in order to confirm it is Candida, KOH test can be conducted.

How Is Diaper Dermatitis Treated?

Simply by keeping your baby’s diaper area dry and clean, you can treat diaper dermatitis yourself! This will also prevent the formation of new rashes. It’s much better if the baby is kept out of a diaper most of the time. Thus, whenever possible, lay him or her on a towel.
Several ointments and creams can help resolve infection triggered by yeast, few of which are:


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