Diana Of London Super Longwear Eyeliner Pencil


Brand: Diana of London
Shade: No.7 (Blackest Black)

Available in 2 more shades.
1. Shade no. 8 – Blue
2. Shade no. 9 – Grey

Ideal for:

1. Dark smokey eyes.
2. Lining inside of the eyes.

Deserved Rating:

1. Packaging: 4/5 –Not too great. Like any other pencil available for less than half the bucks of this one.
2. Texture: 4.5/5 – Soft & creamy. Easy to work with.
3. Lasting Power: 4.3/5 – Great! Lasts for about 8 to 9 hours or even more but smudges easily.
4. Shade Color: 5/5 – Perfect black for that dark smokey eye effect.
5. Overall Rating: 4.5/5 – Overall a great product with great texture. Highly pigmented and waterproof.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, by all means.

Why do I commend it?

I have been looking for a deep black eyeliner since a long time and one of my friends was a huge fan of eyeliners. She used to have her eyes engrossed in the deepest black eyeliner always. She used to look pretty too. I was using twisted eyeliner by Oriflame and I was satisfied too but as you know it’s a girl’s instinct to try something new every time so, I asked her and she was like get Diana of London. Without a second thought I bought this little thing and since that day till today it’s been 11 months I am in love with the results.
It’s a perfect deep black shade and I checked the other two shades also just to have an idea of how they look. Trust me! I am not a colored eyeliner person but I loved their texture too. I can imagine how the blue one would look on somebody fond of various shades of eyeliner. I guess that’s gonna be a perfect thing for bluish smokey eyes or even black ones if done properly by blending the colors in a right proportion. Great product with awesome deep pigmentation so far!

Why is it a hit?

  •  Soft, smooth and creamy texture which makes it easy to apply.
  •  Amazing pigmentation and offers luxurious color with even pay-off as promised.
  •  Dermatologically approved.
  •  Contains natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Vitamin E & C which doesn’t really make sense to me but it’s a plus I guess.
  •  Waterproof.

Why is it a miss?

  •  Smudges in summers.


  •  If you are looking for a smudge proof eyeliner.
  •  If you don’t like deep shades.

How to apply?

Start a fine line at the base of your eye lid, thicken it in the middle, and draw it towards the outer corner of your eyes and you’re done!


Jojoba oil, Vitamin – E & C, UV filters

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