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Oriflame Acai And Pomegranate Antioxidant Face Wash

Brand: Oriflame

Ideal For:

1. Normal to combination skin.
2. All ages.
3. Normal daily cleansing first thing in the morning.

Deserved Rating:

1. Packaging: 4/5 –A little messy as it doesn’t have a proper spout to take out the right amount of product.
2. Texture: 4.5/5 – Gelish texture with awesome real pomegranate smell. Does smell organic!
3. Cleansing Ability: 4.5/5 – Really good. Face feels fresh and smooth to touch but is not that great for removing make up.
4. Quantity: 4.8/5 – Lasts for about 3 to 4 months and maybe more even if you use every single day.
5. Overall Rating: 4.5/5 – Nice shade for routine wear but a lot needs to be improved.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, but for daily cleansing and not when you have make up on.

Why Do I Commend It?

I commend it because I adore it. It is a great cleansing product especially when you want to cleanse in the morning when you have bare face with no makeup or cream on. You definitely feel amazing cleansed effect after applying this. My skin feels super soft and smooth and fresh from within. I really like all these feelings and wouldn’t of course? But, there is a bad side to the story as well and that’s how life works. It is not so amazing for removing makeup so you have to use a makeup removing product first before washing your face with this Pomegranate face wash which makes it a whole lot of hassle for somebody like me who comes home after a long day at work or after a night party when all you want to do is just go to sleeeeeeeeeep immediately. So, what I do is I use this in the morning before applying makeup and all and I feel soooo fresh and my skin feels literally awake!
A must have product in your beauty regiment ANDDDDDDD….
Not just this! Trust me on this girls! I am suffering from acne issues too and any wrong product used once my skin goes upside down with terrible cysts all over my face. It reacts! Immediately reacts! Its super sensitive but you know what? This facewash did not cause a single I repeat A SINGLE breakout. I also felt a signinifcantresuction in my acne too because it wasn’t drying up my skin at all.
*I’ll explain in my post somewhere in the skin care section that how dry skin can cause acne too*.

Why Is It A Hit?

  •  Makes your skin feel awake and smooth on touch.
  •  Does not cause breakouts.
  •  Does not dry the skin.
  •  Little quantity required to lather well.

Why Is It A Miss?

  •  Not good for dry skin types.
  •  Does not cleanse makeup or heavy night creams.
  •  Taking the product out without a nozzle is a hassle.
  •  Contains parabens.


  •  If you want 2 in 1 face wash that cleanses make up as well as impurities.
  •  If you find nozzle-less face washes a mess.


Antioxidant Face Wash





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Antioxidant Face Wash









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