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4 Stages & Principles Of Atkins Diet

What Are The Four Stages To The Atkins Diet?

There are basically 4 stages in which this diet falls. Weight loss through Atkins diet is accomplished by going through these 4 different phases in order to witness the best of results. We have compiled over here the 4 stages that are like a staircase one has to climb to get to the directed goal.

Stage 1: Induction – Kick Start Phase 1

Calorie utilization from carbs in this stage should be restricted to 20 grams every day. Carb sources should predominantly come from greens and vegetables which are quite low in starch.

Stage 2: Owl (Ongoing Weight Loss) – Balancing Phase 2

Foods packed with nutrition and fiber are included as extra carb sources, at an expanded rate of 25 grams amid the first week of this stage, 30 grams amid the second week, and 30 grams every consequent week until your weight quits going down. By then – when weight reduction stops – take away 5 grams of carbs from your everyday consumption schedule until you are beginning to lose more gradually.

Stage 3: Pre-Maintenance – Fine Tuning Phase 3

Here in this stage you are advised to expand your carb intake by 10 grams every week until your weight reduction is unusually steady and you don’t notice anymore pound shedding.

Stage 4: Lifetime Maintenance – Stabilization Phase 4

In the 4th phase which is the final phase of this diet begin including a more extensive range of carb sources, while painstakingly checking your weight does not go up. BE CAREFUL! Don’t end up ruining your efforts you put in the last 3 stages! Your feeling of well-being must proceed. On the off chance that your weight begins to go up, watch these two things – the measure of carbs you expend every day, and any of the new carbs you have started consuming. Dr. Atkins says that this way of life is the foundation for a lifetime of better wellbeing and not just a game of few weeks.

The Four Principles Of The Atkins Diet

As indicated by Dr. Atkins, the Atkins Diet has four basic standards which structure the center of the Atkins Nutritional Approach.
They are:

  •  You Will Lose Weight
  •  You Will Maintain Your Weight Loss
  •  You Will Achieve Good Health
  •  You Will Lay The Permanent Groundwork For Disease Prevention

So, that’s it for now! Will come up with more in the Atkins’ Section! Keep watching the space for so much more on the Atkins Diet!


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