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Atkins Diet – Phase 1 Induction

What Really Happens In Phase 1 Of Atkins Diet?

What happens when you start the induction phase is that you successfully put the brakes on your weight increase and quit consuming the empty carbs. You push your body to look for energy from an alternate source in your body i.e. fats in this case also comprehensively calculated as your muscle to fat ratio stores. The Induction Phase usually goes on for two weeks, however you can stay in it a little more if you wish to keep on losing weight at a quicker rate and you have more than 6kg to lose before actually proceeding on wards to Phase 2.

A lot of you of you who wonder what really happens in induction phase here’s we have described briefly as to what should you expect in this phase?

  •  You’ll notice the food you’re consuming doesn’t contain the sugar and vacant carbs your body is designed to anticipate.
  •  In the beginning you’ll miss the carbs you’re not consuming.
  •  You will have to deal with any sugary yearnings
  •  When you’ve kept your carb intake beneath 20 grams for a couple of days, you can anticipate that your body will go into Ketosis. This is the methodology whereby you begin smoldering fat for fuel.
  •  You can once in a while due to Ketosis experience gentle side effects like a light migraine. This can be decreased with a day by day intake of salt from either table salt or soya sauce. *Don’t worry your body will adjust*.

Foods That You CAN Have In Phase 1

  1.  NATURAL FATS – Add flavour and satiety with olive oil,butter, avocado, olives and other natural fats.
  2.  FOUNDATIONVEGETABLES – Leafy greens and other non-starchyvegetables should make up 12 to 15 grams of your daily Carb intake.
  3.  PROTEINSOURCES – 110-170 grams serving size of protein rich foods such as chicken, turkey,beef, fish, shellfish, lamb, pork, veal, eggs,tofu and other soy products.
  4.  VITAMINS AND MINERALS – Also take a good multivitamin/mineral and an Omega-3 supplement daily.
  5.  Two Atkins bars or shakes labeled as suitable for Phase 1.
  6.  Up to 115 grams of cheese and 30 grams of unsweetened cream.
  7.  Up to three tablespoons of lemon or lime juice(great for salad dressing).
  8.  Up to three packets of non-calorific sweetenerse.g. stevia, sucra lose.
  9.  Diet beverages made with non-calorificsweeteners.

Foods That You CAN’T Have In Phase 1

There are some prohibited foods that should be watched while you are in the induction phase and can later be consumed in other phases. These include:

  •  Nuts and seeds
  •  Berries, cherries and melon
  •  Dairy foods such as whole milk yogurt
  •  Lentils, kidney beans, green beans, peas and chickpeas
  •  Alcoholic drinks including wine and spirits with diet mixers (in moderation)
  •  Other fruits and juices
  •  Starchy vegetables such as carrots and parsnips
  •  Whole grains such as rice, oats and barley

Here is now a list of some foods which are not allowed in induction phase and cannot even be or should not ideally be reintroduced later including:

  •  Sweets, crisps and other processed carbs
  •  Soft drinks sweetened with sugar or syrup
  •  Sweets, chocolate, cookies and cake
  •  Bread, muffins and pastries
  •  Chips, crisps, potatoes, pasta and any other foods made with flour, corn or any other grains
  •  Low-fat foods and any ‘diet’ product sunless they’re low carb

Move on to the phase 2 now…


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