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Atkins Diet – Phase 2 Ongoing Weight Loss

What Really Happens In Phase 2 Of Atkins Diet?

In Phase 2 you keep up the thrust of your weight reduction. Despite the fact that you begin to re-present more carbs into your eating regimen, by adhering to your proposed measure of protein, good fats and fiber, you stay content and in more control of both your weight loss and serious cravings.

Once you are done with the induction phase and you’ve had the flavor of Atkins Diet you are a little bit more experienced here but still new to the second phase of this super diet. Here’s what you should expect in the 2nd phase i.e. ongoing weight loss phase.

  •  Here in this phase you can truly begin to appreciate the flexibility of New Atkins by including delectable new foods and formulas. Whether you’re feasting out, cooking for an uncommon event or simply stirring up the nighttime dinner, you’ll consume delicious foods while keeping on losing weight.
  •  You will begin to feel lighter than earlier but the scale might not show this change.
  •  You will feel motivated as you will be able to add back foods you crave for.

Foods That You CAN Have In Phase 2

In phase 2 of your Atkins diet you can now begin to add 5 grams of carbs in your diet every day. Here is a list of foods you can start enjoying in this phase.

  •  Foundation vegetables: leafy greens and other low carb vegetables
  •  Dairy foods high in fat and low in carbs: cream sour cream and most hard cheeses
  •  Nuts and seeds (but not chestnuts)
  •  Berries, cherries and melon (but not watermelon)
  •  Natural yoghurt and fresh cheeses, such as ricotta and cottage cheese
  •  Legumes, including chick peas and lentils
  •  Tomato and vegetable juice ‘cocktail’ (plus more lemon and lime juice)
  •  Other fruits (but not fruit juices or dried fruits)
  •  Higher carb vegetables, such as winter squash, carrots and green beans
  •  Small amounts of whole grains

Foods That You CAN’T Have In Phase 2

  •  Only foods that can possibly increase your carb intake beyond 5 grams of recommended intake
    Once you are done with the 2nd phase it’s time to climb up to phase 3…


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