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Atkins Diet- Phase 3 Pre-Maintenance

What Really Happens In Phase 3 Of Atkins Diet?

Once you have entered phase 3 you are going to begin the pre-maintenance before entering the final stage. You stay in the fat-burning mode, while expanding your Carbs by 10 grams every day, to a level of 40 to 100 grams every day. This keeps your body from putting on weight, as you start enjoying variety of foods now.

Once you are through the 2nd phase where it was all about the ongoing weight loss you now enter in a much relaxed and anxiety-free phase where you will begin to induce more and more yummy foods.

Here’s What You Should Expect In The 3rd Phase I.E. Pre-Maintenance Phase.

  • Ok! So, now it’s a matter of consuming the perfect measure of carbs you set for your body as per your body’s requirements to guarantee you continue getting thinner, gradually.
  • By expanding your carbs in little portions and while keeping a watchful eye on your weight, you’ll now discover your ideal carb parity in this phase.
  • Keep this in mind that this is an instance of experimentation and that is how you learn to set your carbs as an individual.
  • You might re-present an excess of carbs and weight reduction may stall, or there are chances that the cravings can come back in this phase.
  • Don’t stress – it’s not difficult to restore the parity by cutting down the carbs for a brief time again.

A lot of people wonder that if the cravings are back again does that mean they weren’t doing it properly or can never be able to get rid of these cravings no matter how hard they train their body. They also wonder that what should be done now when the cravings are back. Should they start eating or should they stick to the diet plan they are following? That creates a dilemma for the weak individuals and some give into the cravings and break their diet. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS!

Here’s What You Should Do If The Desire To Eat The Tempting Foods Are Back?

Phase 3 cravings are absolutely normal; however you must change what you consume to have the capacity to control these longings. They’re happening in light of the fact that the measure of carbs you’ve re-presented has been excessively incredible. Presently your body yearns to come back to the old ways – blazing carbs for fuel as opposed to utilizing your fat stores. It can be settled effortlessly by simply creating a drop of 10 grams of carbs day by day for a week, then include 5 grams once the yearnings have ceased.
Next! What usually happens to most of the individuals is that their weight reduction stalls.

Here’s What To Do If Your Weight Reduction Stalls?

Don’t be baffled if your weight reduction stalls at this stage. Including the carbs again into your eating regimen can do this. Despite everything if you still need to lose a couple of additional kilos, then simply lessen your day by day carbs by 10 grams until weight reduction begins once more. At that point tweak your carb intake by including carbs in little amounts. There may likewise be foods your body basic allyis wanting to store as fat. Keep an eye on what you’ve recently re-acquainted with in your suppers and attempt to stay away from the real offenders.

Foods That You CAN Have In Phase 3

In phase 3 of your Atkins diet you can now begin to add 10 grams of carbs in your diet every day. Foods are the same as you were having in phase 2 just add a little of these in your diet now:

  • Add extra fruits
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Butternut
  • Squash
  • Brown rice
  • Strips of stir-fry beef with sugar
  • Snap peas, and red and green peppers

Foods That You CAN’T Have In Phase 2

  • Only foods that can possibly increase your carb intake beyond 10 grams of recommended intake.
    Once you are done with the 3rdphase it’s time to ENTER the FINAL stage that is the maintenance stage i.e. phase 4…

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