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Atkins Diet – Phase 4 Maintenance

What Really Happens In Phase 4 Of Atkins Diet?

Yayyyy!! This is the LAST phase of this entire diet regimen and if you have entered this phase then a round of applause for your motivation and devotion. In this phase you realize what lives up to expectations for you, how to lose weight, how to manage the desires and what number of carbs your body truly needs. Being practical, you’re likely going to increase a couple of kilos eventually. These changes are normal, and as long as you maintain your carb intake, keeping up your perfect weight will always be straightforward.

Once you are through the 3rd phase where you were preparing the body for entering phase 4 you are now encouraged to take a sigh of relief! This is the LAST phase of the Atkins Diet. Here’s

What You Should Expect In The 4th Phase I.E. Maintenance Phase.

  •  With the knowledge you’ve established over the past few months,you should consider yourself a die-hard Atkins follower by now. You should feel sense of accomplishment once you enter this phase.
  •  It’s essentialto keep to the food foundations of our diet (that of Phase 1) to reduce the chances of weight gain yet again.
  •  If you’re ever tempted to eat the foods you love like pasta full of cheese you can definitely do it once in a blue moon and then there shouldn’tbe any obviouslasting effects.

Foods That You CAN Have In Phase 4

You can pretty much eat everything in this phase just keeping in mind the limits and the carb intake you have set already. Just don’t exceed the limit and staying within the calorie bound you can begin to enjoy your favorite foods, yet again. Incorporate these in your daily food intake:

  •  Foods low in sugar to satisfy your sweet cravings
  •  Foods low in carbs
  •  Foods full of fiber and protein

Foods That You CAN’T Have In Phase 2

Anything that is high in fats of course and that can make you gain weight super-fast!
Time to say goodbye to the Atkins Diet until you want to start again!


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