Vitamin A Benefits

Vitamin A serves varied functions and some of the vitamin A benefits include:

  •     Retinol creates pigments in the retina of the eye
  •     Improves vision
  •     Enhances night time vision
  •     Improves overall eye health
  •     Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  •     Reduces age related macular degeneration by 25% when combined with Zinc
  •     Repairs damaged skin and helps it grow
  •     Treats acne and severe breakouts
  •     Reduces blackheads
  •     Improves overall condition of your skin
  •     Reduces acne scarring
  •     Vitamins for skin regenerate fresh skin
  •     Increase skin cell growth
  •     Beneficial for formation and maintenance of teeth, bones and soft tissues
  •     Also forms and maintains white blood cells
  •     Helps build a stronger immune system
  •     Protects cell from free radical damage
  •     May help in prevention of cancer but has not been proven yet

So, these are some of the essential vitamin A benefits that our body needs. You can use vitamin A orally or topically to achieve the benefits listed above. Some people don’t have vitamin A deficiency so they might feel dizzy and light headed after consuming it. It is advised to please consult your physician or get your vitamin A levels checked before taking the supplements. You can, however, eat foods that are rich in vitamin A because natural never hurts.

It is also ideal if you take multi vitamins instead of consuming only one vitamin in particular but if your physician or your lab reports suggest that you are deficient in only one specific vitamin then focus only on that. This is how it works in the real life. Don’t get inspired by models advertising supplements over the social media advertising spaces. Don’t fall prey of the advertisements when it comes to your health. Focus on what your body really needs and listen to it and your doctor only!
Take care!

By : Natural Health News

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