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2000 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan – Tuesday

Ooohhh! Now this has some heavy calories dear friends, like real heavy calories! It is a 2000 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan great for the muscular giants to satisfy their hunger cravings and simultaneously maintain blood sugar levels in their bodies if they are diabetic. Non-diabetic indoividuals can also utilize this diet plan but they can incorporate some sugars so that their blood sugar doesn’t drop to dangerously low levels.

I can provide you with a general outline for a 2000-calorie diabetic diet plan. However, it’s important to note that individual dietary needs may vary, and it’s always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to create a personalized plan based on your specific health conditions and requirements. Here’s a sample 2000-calorie diabetic diet plan:

Now coming onto 2nd day of the week here is the meal plan for Tuesdays.


  •  1 Cup 1% Milk
  •  1 Banana, small
  •  3/4 Cup Alpen Cereal

Morning Snack

  •  1 Whole-Grain Rice Cake
  •  2 Tablespoons Raisins

2000 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan – Tuesday










  •  Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken
  •  1 Whole-Wheat Pita Bread, small
  •  1 Cup 1% Milk
  •  1/2 Cup Prepared Potato Salad

Afternoon Snack

  •  1 Ounce Almonds, salted


  •  Warm Beet & Spinach Salad
  •  Sizzled Citrus Shrimp
  •  1 Whole-Wheat Roll
  •  3/4 Cup Cooked Couscous
  •  1 Peach, medium

General Guidelines:

  1. Choose Whole Grains: Opt for whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, and whole wheat over refined grains.
  2. Lean Proteins: Include lean protein sources such as poultry, fish, tofu, legumes, and low-fat dairy.
  3. Healthy Fats: Use sources of healthy fats, like olive oil, avocados, and nuts, in moderation.
  4. Limit Added Sugars: Minimize or eliminate added sugars and choose foods with low glycemic index.
  5. Portion Control: Be mindful of portion sizes to help manage blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight.
  6. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Remember, individual nutritional needs may vary, and it’s crucial to work with a healthcare professional or dietitian to tailor a plan that suits your specific health goals and conditions.

*2000 Calorie Diabetic Diet plan has been designed by Eating Well’s Nutrition & Culinary experts*

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