Three Day Diet Plan – Worth It?

When on a diet it is always advised to eat healthy so that you only loose fats and not your overall health. A lot of people want to lose weight pretty fast without realizing how damaging it can be for their overall health. It is also, practically, not possible to shed 10 to 15 pounds in only Three days. All over the internet you would find diet plans that guarantee a certain amount of weight loss if you follow a certain Three day diet plan. It is all water weight that comes back when you start consuming normal food. You can’t fairly shed 10 to 15 pounds in only Three days because that’s all water weight that you lose not the actual fats.

Three day diet plans you find all over the social media are generally designed to limit your calorie intake to less than 1000 per day which is way too less for individuals of any age or gender. This much reduction in your daily calorie intake results in lack of energy and a lot of people who are quite vulnerable already usually faint because their sugar levels drop to really low levels. You put your health at severely high risk when you follow such diet plans thinking you can lose weight fast.

Three day diet

It is strictly advised to people especially who are young and are in the early teens or are getting married that they don’t attempt to try such diet plans because they will only disturb your overall hormonal balance, sugar levels, blood pressure and can cause other serious issues such as lower back pain, confusion or short term memory loss. Try to always stick to a healthier diet plan and an exercise routine that you can follow on daily basis; because people who take weight loss or their overall health seriously, they always have a proper healthy exercise and diet plan that they follow on routinely basis.

Hope next time you get tempted to lose weight fast you would avoid following the social media marketing gimmicks and think of your overall health first. Don’t follow a Three day diet plan in the hope to shed 10 pounds in Three days. Come on! Think logically, is that even possible? What about day 4 when you get back to normal eating? You will get back all that you lost!
Eat healthy and make your health a priority because these sorts of short terms plans are actually not worth it!

By : Natural Health News



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