How Tapeworm Diet works? And its Necessary Precautions

Tapeworm are the parasites, segmented ribbon like worm that obtain nutrients from the digestive system of your body. The tapeworm diet is a controversial but it is a quick method for weight loss. This method include ingesting parasites which is called tapeworms. Due to this a person can ill and have many other fatal complications. You will acquire tapeworm in body if you use raw meat from infected animals and eat that food which is prepare by those who are infected tapeworm.

Tapeworm will attach to walls of your intestines and it absorbs all the nutrients and continues to grow and also produced eggs which will be shed in feces. It is dangerous to consuming the tapeworms and it will cause you malnutrition and anemia. Tapeworm diet is effective but it is not much effective as it should be. Tapeworm can live more than 20 years in human body.  Tapeworms can live in a person’s body for up to 20 years. Tapeworm infection is not serious disease. But in some cases big tapeworms can block person’s intestines, bile duct and appendix.

Tapeworm diet

Oregano oil: it is effective and easy way for cure parasite. Take one glass of water and few drops of oregano oil. Try this three times in a day. Most of the people add lemon juice for vitamin and taste.

Almonds: almonds which helps decrease intestinal irritation and discourage intestinal parasite.

Pine apple: it is delicious fruit contain digestive enzyme bromelain which helps to clear many other tapeworm infections.

Papaya seeds: it is good source for getting rid of intestinal tapeworm. These seeds have slightly peppery flavor. You can eat them with salads and other dishes.

Pumpkin seeds: these seeds does not kill tapeworm but it flush them out from your body.

Onion: it contains sulfur compounds which are anti-parasitic. It is very effective for tapeworm. Take 2 tablespoon two times in a day of onion juice for two weeks.

Garlic: it is used for flush the tapeworm like giardia.

Pomegranate: it is very useful for flushing out the intestinal tapeworms. Drink four glass of pomegranate juice daily just for one week.

Coconut oil: coconut oil gives nutrients benefits to your body. It is used to flush out the internal tapeworms.

Tapeworm diet side effects:

When you adopt tapeworm diet, then there is also side effects of weight loss. Some other side effects of tapeworm diet are given below

Precautions while taking tapeworm diet

Raw foods: do not eat under cooked beef, pork and fish

Meat: try to cocked meat at temperature of at least 66C (150). It will kill larvae or eggs of tapeworm.

Fish and meat: freeze meat for just 12 hours and fish for 24 hours. It will kill larvae and tapeworm eggs.

Food precautions: wash your all fruits and vegetables if there is tapeworm in your area.

Use of gloves: Wear gloves when you are handling soil or gardening.

By : Natural Health News

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