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Healthy Food – The Health Benefits Of Dairy Products

Dairy Products:

Dairy products are said to be rich in calcium and protein. People used to enjoy healthy diet full of dairy products in the olden days but today in this modern world, they don’t care much about their health and also, the use of dairy products is limited in their diets. People like to eat junk food but they don’t like eating eggs and drinking milk. Therefore, the ratio of health has been decreased rapidly in this era.
The daily usage of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs and others increase you help and keeps you protected from the disease of osteoporosis. It helps you increase your bone health. They contain a lot of calcium and potassium which helps building your bones stronger. They neutralize the metabolic acids in you, thus resulting in the reduction of bone resorption.

Dairy products contain rich amount of proteins too. Proteins help control the sugar level and is therefore, good for the patients of diabetes. Each dairy product is rich with thousands of benefits of its own. People should eat them daily to maintain their physical and mental health. Here are some of the dairy products discussed below with their benefits:

Fat Free Yogurt:

The excellent source of protein is fat free yogurt. It is rich with in calcium and different valuable nutrients. They help in reduction of weight and hypertension, diabetes, tooth decay and many others. It also contains riboflavin and vitamin B which helps in cataract prevention and muscular degeneration.

Butter Milk:

Butter milk is used often in marinades, salads and dressings. It is used frequently in the baked food item too. It is filled with calories and fats. It is very good for the diet of children specially. The best part is that this is made up of low fat or no fat milk. Therefore, it is preferred by many people who have gained weight and want to lose. Butter milk keeps them fit and healthy with the loss of weight.

Sour Cream:

Sour cream is famous among the Mexican people and is mostly used with the Mexican food. It is used traditionally as a condiment for foods. Sour cream contains a lot of saturated fat and calories which results in weight gain to its users. People with high cholesterol shouldn’t use it as it can increase the heart disease risk. It is good for people doing a lot of exercise and children. However, low- fat sour creams are also available in the markets which may benefit you in many other different ways.


Eggs are rich in many kinds of vitamins which can help you maintain your health in many different ways. They help you in enhancing your immune system thus making it stronger. They are filled with calories specially the egg yolk. Therefore, the heart patients are recommended to eat eggs without its yolk. The white part of the egg has many other advantages and is beneficial in many different ways.
The dairy products are necessary for the health maintenance therefore, they should be eaten daily.

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