All Questions Answered About Vitamin B

What is vitamin B?

Vitamin B is not just one particular vitamin it is a family made up of 8 B water soluble vitamins. Although they are generally documented as a group and often work together in the body, each of the B vitamins executes unique and imperative functions.

What are the different B vitamins that combine to form a group?

Different vitamins that combine to form a group of B vitamins include:

  •     Thiamin – vitamin B1
  •     Riboflavin – vitamin B2
  •     Niacin – vitamin B3
  •     Pantothenic acid – vitamin B5
  •     Vitamin B6
  •     Biotin – vitamin B7
  •     Folic Acid – vitamin B9
  •     Vitamin B12

When should you take vitamin B?

B vitamins should be taken for the following reasons:

  •     To reduce the risk of stroke
  •     To avoid beriberi; a disease common in malnourished individuals
  •     To boost levels of energy in the body
  •     To promote growth in babies
  •     To promote healthy blood flow
  •     To avoid anemia
  •     To promote growth of baby during pregnancy

What happens when you take excessive dose of vitamin B?

Taking access of each vitamin B component has serious implications which will be individually discussed under each B vitamin mentioned above.

What are the side effects of vitamin b?

Side effects of each B vitamin have also been discussed under each B vitamin mentioned earlier.

Click on the each B vitamin for details on side effects, recommended daily dosage and so much more.


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