Healthy Diet plan for teenager to lose weight without Hassle

Diet plan for teenager to lose weight

As a teenager, you may want to look slim and healthy. A diet plan for teenager to lose weight may seem like a good opportunity. Dieting does not mean starving or restricting certain food groups; it is much more than that. Obesity is not just a matter of appearance. Excess body weight has health consequences and can make life less comfortable for a person. Therefore, teenagers need to follow a healthy diet and active lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight.

Teenagers have a busy schedule and healthy meals may not often be part of their to-do list. This simple plan meets the needs of non-vegetarians and vegetarians as well.

Meal Non- vegetarian Vegetarian
Wake up 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water


1-2 glasses of lukewarm water
BREAKFAST 1 medium-sized fruit,

omelet with multi-grain bread

1 medium-sized fruit,

pre – cheese with 1 medium bowl of vegetables or sandwich with whole-grain bread

Snack at noon A handful of nuts or

yogurt with granola

A handful of nuts,

buttermilk or fruit juice or coconut water

Lunch Raw salad,

grilled or steamed tuna with rice

Raw salad, vegetable pulao, and yogurt
Evening snack Any fruit or a handful of seeds (like pumpkin or sunflower) or

boiled eggs

Any fruit or a handful of seeds (like pumpkin or sunflower) or

humus with roasted nachos

Dinner Chicken soup with shredded vegetables or

grilled fish or brown rice or omelet

Vegetable soup with shredded vegetables,

quinoa pulao or multigrain roti (bread) with vegetables


The above plan can give a teenage girl the required amount of calories between 1800 and 2200. This is just an example of exemplary eating and you can replace dishes with other foods to make a complete meal plan for teens. This stage of rapid growth and development can go wrong if your eating habits go wrong. Eat heartily, but sensibly.

Gaining weight is easier than losing it. But you can lose weight with a little discipline and respect for a healthy lifestyle. Following a diet ensures that teenage weight loss becomes easier and less stressful. Let’s explore more on how to lose weight fast for teenage girls.

Exercises for teenage girl to lose belly fat

There are many exercises for teenage girl to lose belly fat. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 need at least one hour of physical activity. They go through many changes both physically and mentally. This is the time when 15-year-old teen girls start putting on weight. Well, How to lose weight 15 year old female? Exercise is a way to help them cope and welcome change. Here are some ab exercises you need to do every day to keep belly fat under control.

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  1. Squats

Squats are known to strengthen the muscles of the lower limbs, and increased squat strength is associated with athletic performance. Increased strength in squats can have a positive effect on sprinting and vertical jumping. This exercise also builds lower limb muscle strength and lean mass, which can help combat age-related issues in later stages of life.

  • Stand up straight and as long as possible, with your arms outstretched forward. The fingers should point forward.
  • Keep your feet apart at shoulder length.
  • Push the upper body down from the hips, and go down while bending the knees, but be careful that your knees do not cross your legs, but the lower body should bend as low as possible, i.e. that while bending you should still be able to see your feet.
  • Slowly, push yourself back into the standing position.
  • Do not bend your back or arms during the routine.
  1. Crunches for bicycles

According to a study sponsored by the American Exercise Council (ACE), bicycle piles are ranked as one of the best ab exercises. This cycling press can help flatten and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

You will need: A yoga mat

  • Lie on the yoga bed, with your back flat on the floor.
  • Raise your head slightly and place your hands behind it, as if to support it.
  • Raise your right knee at a 45-degree angle while doing this lift your shoulder off the ground and turn your body slightly to the left, so that your left elbow is close to your right knee. Extend your left leg at the same time.
  • Perform similarly by bringing your left knee towards your right elbow.
  • Repeat the movements, as if pedaling a bicycle, but be careful not to pull the neck.

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  1. Stretch leg lifters

Leg raises or leg raises are ab exercises as they involve the thighs, hips, and lower abdominal muscles. This exercise, when done regularly, can help in removing belly fat, toning the thighs, and building the belly as well. Here we talk in detail about stretched leg lifts.

You will need: A yoga mat

  • Lie on the yoga bed, with your back flat on the floor.
  • The legs should be together and the hands should be flat below the glute.
  • Slowly raise your legs in the air – diagonally at first, and further up until you reach an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Hold the legs in that position for as long as you can and slowly bring them down to the original position.
  • Repeat the step.
  1. Lunges

Lunges are easy to learn and practice correctly. Five minutes of lunch in the daily exercise routine can stretch and tone the lower body, strengthen the claws, hamstrings (a group of muscles in the back of the upper leg) glutes, and all the main muscles of the legs. It also helps increase hip flexibility and maintain good spinal health.

Lunges should be performed on even, firm ground.

  • Stand up straight with your hands on your hips and keep your back straight.
  • Your legs should be at least one foot wide, and your shoulders should be raised. Keep your gaze focused straight.
  • Take a big step with your right foot by lowering your hips and bending your right knee and left knee at a 90-degree angle.
  • The right knee should be just above the right foot, and the left knee (at the back) should not touch the ground.
  • Stay in the position for five seconds and return to starting position.
  • Repeat extending the left leg.
  1. Bend and Kick Back

You will need: A yoga mat

  • Get on your hands and knees.
  • Extend the right foot slightly diagonally to the back, with your toes pointing down.
  • Bring the left knee up to shoulder level so that it is perpendicular to the hip.
  • Stretch your left leg straight, extending it to the back.
  • Slowly bring it to its original position and repeat with the other leg.

The above-mentioned workouts are ideal for teenage girls. It will be more effective if followed with a Best Diet Plans for teenager to lose weight

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How to lose weight fast for teenage without exercise

We understand some teenage girls find it difficult to take time out of their busy lives. In such a case, take a look at how to lose weight fast for teenage without exercise.

  1. Have a purpose

The first step to losing weight is to figure out how many pounds your teen needs to reach proper body weight in a matter of time. Too little weight loss may not make a difference. And too much weight loss can be a health hazard. To know how many pounds or pounds your teen has to lose, find out the ideal body weight based on BMI. If your teen’s BMI suggests he’s obese, then it’s time to lose weight and bring the scales back to “normal.”

  1. Use a food guide

Not only what you eat, but also what you do not eat will affect your metabolism. This will determine how fast or slower fat burns in the body. So, if your teen eats the wrong foods, he or she may gain more weight. To avoid this, it is best to follow a reliable diet plan for teenager to lose weight. In the meantime, you can also check out our table on what foods to eat and what to avoid losing weight.

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  1. Change your eating habits

Does your teen have breakfast and snacks at the right time? Do you skip lunch or dinner?

Eating habits that can contribute to weight gain are:

  • Skipping meals or breakfast – can slow down the metabolism and make it harder for the body to burn calories
  • Drastic variation of mealtimes
  • Eat too fast
  • Eat everything that is served on the plate, all the time, and even if it is full
  • Always eating dessert / too many sweets
  • Eat when you are not hungry
  • Snack before bed, eat more food after 20:00
  1. Get enough sleep

Usually, sleep is not at the top of the list of things to do to lose weight. But our body needs it to maintain a healthy weight. Lack of sleep can leave you fatigued, which means you are less likely to exercise. Lack of sleep also changes the level of certain chemicals in your body that control your appetite. Teenagers who have not slept enough tend to taste snacks, chips, and other unwanted foods. To lose weight, make sure your teen sleeps at least eight to ten hours each night.

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