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Daily Routine for Curly Hair

Although everyone has its own unique way of managing their curly hair, if you are looking for the simplest and the best routine for curly hair then I am here to cater your request. This post will tell you about the daily curly hair routine from morning to night.

So, without taking much time, let me just start with it!

1.Washing including Shampooing, Cowashing, and Conditioning

Curly hair looks beautiful to me as they appear similar to flowing waves, but only till they are soft and smooth. And one major drawback of such hair in most of the cases is that they are dry. Since such hair is highly dry so it is better to avoid them washing every day.

Creating a proper hair washing routine is the best way to keep your curly and dry hair manageable and hydrated. This will help get rid of dust and grime on one end and maintain proper hydration on the other end.

My perfect hair washing routine is washing hair 3 times in a week. Also, I always wash my hair in the night as they take too much time drying. Also, drying them at night give I well-defined and more manageable curls the next morning.

2.Applying Styling Products and Scrunching

Previously, I used to wash my curly hair and came out of the shower, tee drying my hair, standing straight, and applying hair styling serums and products just like that. As a result, few strands of my hair would always stand dry and frizzy as the product was not able to reach them.

So, what did I do?

Now I have started a new practice that is working really awesome for me. I would keep my hair upside down and apply the product to them.

Then I don’t stop. I continue scrunching my hair so that the products reach to the end and to every bit of it. This way, I have never ever experienced frizzy hair problem.

3.Tee Drying my Hair along with gentle Plopping

One common mistake that I used to make is to use a towel to ensure that my hair is completely dry and no bit of is left wet or dripping. But let me tell you, this is one thing that is not meant for curly hair.

This trick works great for straight hair but can damage all your curls and waves and make them look tangled and unmanageable.

Hence, the great way to dry your curly hair is to follow the tee-drying practice. This is an excellent way where you can take any of your old tees and once you are done with washing your hair you may just wrap your hair into the tee.

Wait for some time and then just unwrap your hair off the tee. Your hair will be dry enough so that no water is dripping while your curls will be settled in a great position.

4.Curly Hair Routine while Sleeping

You have washed your curls, hydrated them well, and have managed to make them look all the more gorgeous throughout the day, but what about the other next days when you are not going to wash your hair.

Definitely, you would want to carry that beautiful look every day. So a perfect way is to take care of your curly hair during the night time. A proper sleeping routine is a must for curly hair as otherwise your curls can crush, look undefined as while sleeping your hair rub with the pillow giving your curls a great frizz.

For this, I can give you with 4 choices or ways to sleep with curly hair. Just check them out!

  • The first way is to wash your hair and sleep with them at night. For this, you can lift your hair up, slide a pillow, and rest your neck on it while allowing the remaining hair to fall side the bed. This way, you can avail frizz free and flat curls the next morning.
  • Another way is to wash my hair and then let them dry completely. After this, I tie them into a high and loose ponytail right from the crown of my head. Make sure that the hair elastic you are using to create a ponytail is not too tight as otherwise; it will result in a bent. Since this looks like to me a pineapple crown so I call it a pineapple remedy.
  • One convenient and comfortable way that will work for most of the curly hair types is to slide a pillow under the neck and let your hair fall on the bedside. After this, tie the hair into a loose ponytail and give yourself sleep. This way your curls will retain their original texture and even stay soft and smooth.
  • Lastly, you may cover your entire hair with a satin scarf or bonnet. This will protect your curls from experiencing any frizz from a pillowcase and will keep them bouncy and lively for next 2 days.

5.Avoid Brushing Your Curly Hair Once it is Dry

Brushing your curly hair after they have dried is like brushing out life from them. Fancy brushes available in different sizes and shapes might you attract a lot, but they are not meant for curly hair.

Brushing hair, again and again, is a way to keep your hair straight and silky, but if you will do it with curly hair then you may end you with hair loss or creating a huge mess. It is because brushing can actually ruin your curls and take their charm off, thereby making them undefined and tangled.

6.Offering a Refreshing Feeling to Your Curly Hair during the 2nd and 3rd day

While wash night with my curly hair is definitely my favorite night as it makes my curls look tidy, bouncy, and full of life. But it is wise to avoid washing curly hair every night or day. It is because this will wipe off the natural moisture from your hair and make them look even drier and frizzier.

So, I follow the refreshing therapy for my curly hair to ensure that they retain their bouncy and lively texture.

  • One way to give your hair a refreshing feeling is to take 1 cup of water and mix 1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel into it. Now mix the two of them well. Then dip your fingers into the mixture and gently rub them through your fingers. This will give an instant refreshing feeling to your hair.
  • Another way is to fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp of your favorite conditioner. Now, whenever you want just spray the mixture on your hair. This will reactivate the products from the last wash and offer your hair with a refreshing feeling after the mixture gets dried.
  • Lastly, you may just turn your hair upside down and then give them a water shower. No need to use any shampoo, conditioner, and even no need to run your fingers in between your hair. Just scrunch some products that you would apply after shampooing and let them dry. This is my favorite method of refreshing my curls.

7.Oiling curly hair

Oiling curly hair at least once or twice a week is a must. This helps to maintain the scalp and hair health and keeps your hair nourished and hydrated. Just develop a simple habit of oiling your hair before every wash, and you will yourself see the difference.

Besides this daily care routine for curly hair, it is extremely imperative that you use only those products that suit your hair and enhances their texture. Avoid using products that may tend to make your hair drier. Just follow this routine for at least a month, and definitely, you will just fall in love with your curly hair.

Author Bio :

Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs- Online Hair Extension Company. He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry and has a good reputation in this field and has a vast knowledge of curly hair.

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