The hair category contains hair product analysis that our beauty editor has personally tried and tested on her hair. You will find here reviews on various hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, oils, heat styling products, hair sprays, and all else related to hair. Good trying hair is healthy hair. If your hair is trying limp, frizzled, or otherwise unhealthy, you would possibly wish to rethink your hair care regime. Hair Care can show you ways to properly beware of your hair care tips. We have concerning 100,000 hairs on our heads. Every hair shaft has 3 layers, with the cuticle, or outside layer, protective the 2 inner layers. Shiny hair may be a sign of health as a result of the layers of the cuticle lie flat and replicate light-weight. once the scales of the cuticle lie flat they overlap tightly, the inner layers area unit shielded from heat, sun, chlorine, and every one the opposite hazards that may return from living in our surroundings. When hair is broken, though, the scales could separate and hair will become dry. as a result of the scales on dry hair do not defend the inner 2 layers furthermore, the hair will break and appearance boring. Want to know what products to use and what not to use by not being a guinea pig yourself? If yes, you need to bookmark this section. We are working on a subscription option at the moment so that we can email you every time we post about a new product related to hair care on our blog. Till then stay tuned! Love, Xoxo

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