What is Bayberry Herb?

Bayberry is best known because of its berries. Bayberry is a healing herb which endemic to the coastal areas of southern North America and eastern. It also grows in Caribbean and bemunda and its way fruits which are the source of food for many birds include quail, wren, wild turkey and sparrow whose digestive systems are removed. Its popular garden herb plant grows where climate is suitable.  Bayberry herb pant is an evergreen shrub tree or small which can grow up to about 9 meters in height. The leaves are wedge shaped, narrow with some teeth and have also rather fragrant odor when you crushed. These yellow flowers are mostly appears from March to May. This healing herb plant is dioecious with male and female flowers which are found on separate plants. It produce blue white fruits which can be attached to tree for many years. It is root bark which is primarily used as medicine but the fruits, leaves and a was extracted from fruits can also used. This root bark is connected in the fall and thoroughly dried and sealed in containers which should be keeping away from light. Bayberry extract can also prove helpful to manage respiratory signs like coughing. it is important to know the there are number of myths that they were attributed to many different benefits like fistula, infections healing of cancer and some infections of uterine system which was proves to rather unfounded.

Benefits of Bayberry

Following are some benefits of bayberry which is performing different functions

  • It also fight against bacterial infections and some parts of this herb plant can also be used to apply on skin to remove itching.
  • Bayberry extract can also prove helpful to manage respiratory signs like coughing.
  • Bayberry leaves are also good for your digestive system.
  • Bayberry also helps to manage the menstrual symptoms like excess of bleeding and other problems of uterine discharge.
  • Bayberry leaves or powered root can also be sued for mouthwash as it have aromatic taste and also reduces the inflammation sores in mouth.
  • This herb plant consists of myricitrin which is an antiobiotic and helps to fight with bacteria and protozoa.
  • It also deals with the bad breath and used as gargle and also help to increase the flow of proper blood circulation.
  • It deals with fungal infections and also reduces the fever.
  • Bayberry can also be to cure the different wounds and skin infections.
  • Bayberry tea is also used to treat diarrhea.

By : Natural Health News

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