What is Agrimony?

Agrimony is a perennial plant that is a member of the rose family. Many ancient cultures used it for its medicinal properties. In fact its name is derived from the Greek word Argemone, which means plant that heals the eye. This is because the ancient Greeks used it to treat several ailments of the eyes. The ancient Chinese used this herb to treat menstrual problems and in the middle ages it was used as a sleep aid. The Native Americans used this herb to treat problems of the skin, stomach, and throat.
Modern science has shown the reason for the popularity of Agrimony across so many ancient cultures. It has been shown to contain several beneficial compounds such as polyphenols, vitamins, and organic acids.

Benefits of Agrimony

  •     It has coagulation properties meaning it can stop bleeding and help in healing wounds. This property is also quite useful for women having heavy menstrual bleeding
  •     It has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce irritation and inflammation in the membranes and tissues of the stomach. This soothing action treats diarrhea and other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  •     It has been shown to moderate the body’s insulin response to glucose. This property gives this herb a potential to useful in diabetic treatment and prevention plans
  •     Its anti-inflammatory properties also provide relief from the symptoms of cold and flus
  •     It is great for people who have trouble controlling their bladder. Since it is non-toxic and known to have no adverse effects, it has been used for generations to help kids who have bed wetting problems
  •     It is great for the skin and helps with many skin problems such as blemishes, rashes, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It is one of the very few herbs that be used orally as well as topically for this purpose
  •     It improves the overall health of hair and nails

By : Natural Health News

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