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What Color Eye shades To Choose For Different Eye Colors?

Most of us are blessed with beautiful dark brown or black eyes, but some of us also have such pretty blue, green and hazel eyes too. We should just be thankful to God that he gave us eyes to see and explore this beautiful world and gave us powers to beautify the world around us even more than it actually is.

Skin & beauty is all about taking care of your skin and beautifying yourself in such a manner that what you have naturally gets enhanced. We have taken this concept a little too far by getting our features changed through some painful surgical procedures. Makeup is an art which is a way to enhance the features God has already provided us. Some people have brown eyes, some have jet black and some have blue, green, hazel or even purple eyes too. We should just learn to enhance them instead of getting the colors changed surgically which is I guess currently not possible but you never know this might be possible in future, keeping in mind the pace with which medical science is moving forward. It can be a good and a bad thing. While the medical science is working on bringing a procedure to change your eye color I thought I should educate you all a bit about what color eye shadows to choose for different eye colors so that you can easily adjust your makeup according to your eye color without getting a surgical procedure done.

For blue eyes: Orange eye shadows or anything that has a slight tinge of orange will make blue eyes stand out. Orangey and peachy undertones such as gold, apricot, peach and mustard would be your best choices if you re blessed with blue eyes.

For green eyes: Anything that has red such as deep plum, wine, burgundy or maroonish red would make your green eyes pop more.

For brown eyes: A little more blessed are the people who have brown eyes because it is aneutral color and any color would go with brown eyes. Blue and purple are the two colors that would be considered fool proof for this eye color.

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By : Natural Health News

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